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As in music, imagery, literature. I often find myself doing so, but I think it has something to do with how emotional I generally am in the current part of my life. Wondering what other people think.

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Yes. A good book, a good movie, and sometimes a good TV show can really touch me.

As for visual art, like painting and sculptures, sometimes, if it's really good.

As for music, not really.

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I appreciate beautiful art. I don't know if I would say touched though.

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I am, but in my case it's not so much an emotional stimulus as a cerebral one, in the sense that good art is usually more thought provoking to me rather than emotionally provoking.

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Can't say i am emotionally touched by art but at least i would always want to like good art

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Depends on your definition of touched.

But I´d say only audiovisual media.

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It depends on the message said art is pushing.

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For art like paintings and such, not so much. But for movies and music, yes they can affect me emotionally if they are really good.

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I dunno, but sometimes I touch myself while looking at art.

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Music and cinema, yes. Prose to a lesser degree.

Poetry, paintings and sculptures generally don't leave an impression.

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I don't think so.

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Sure you are. K-pop groups count.

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Paintings don't really impress me.

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Painting sculptures and poetry make me ache inside. They make me yearn for some unknown thing. I can get captured by a painting and stare at it for a long time in a state of near awe.

Other kinds of art are clearly more emotionally evoking.

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Yes, the small % of art that means something to me means a lot to me.

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Music and literature, yes. Paintings and that kind of stuff, no.

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Music and literature yes, images/pictures/paintings etc not so much.

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No. I don't understand art whatsoever

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Not nearly as much as I was when I was younger but yes, depending on the piece of art (music, painting, writing, etc) I can still find myself emotionally moved...thankfully I'm not all the way numb yet. :)

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Often paintings and sculptures don't touch me nearly as much as the story they are trying to depict. Over the past few years i've noticed myself becoming more and more attuned to emotional stimuli from a variety of art mediums, including films, documentaries, music etc.

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Music and literature touch me. Not sure if this is relevant but I want to learn to be an artist (for my own personal satisfaction of course) so that I have something to look at.