Are you calm or short-tempered?

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Poll: Are you calm or short-tempered? (35 votes)

Calm 31%
Short-tempered 14%
Depends 54%


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Most time I’m a calm guy.

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Normally pretty calm but there are plenty of things that can change that like lack of sleep, crappy diet, skipping the gym, etc.

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Im chill most of the time but i got my moments

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@ccthor said:

Most time I’m a calm guy.

This for me.

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Very calm

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I'm calm usually.

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I'm calm but as I get older I tolerate less shit.

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Very short tempered.

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Calm. Very, very calm.

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Can I answer both?

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Calm. usually :)

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I am calm if someone is trying to piss me off and I can easily handle stuff like people trying to make fun of me by turning it around on them but if someone if unintentionally being stupid I lose temper quick.

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Both. I can be very pissed and very calm at the same time.

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Short tempered. I go zero to 100 in a heart beat.

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Extremely calm

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I use to be short-tempered, then after a lot of effort, I managed to be calm for a few years....however, spending four years around whiney, entitled school students really f*cked with my patience.

I'm not quite back at square one but damn...American College was not what I thought it'd be.

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