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Or could a well written story about them in like a comic about a gungan jedi or gungan mercenary gang, turn things around ? I don't think they are battle-droid levels of bad. Granted, they were only in one movie.

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Jar Jar was clearly the best SW character.

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Yes, because most people will remember the Gungans for the Jar Jar.

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I really like their character design and weaponry. They are also not annoying except Jar Jar.

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If anyone has actually read anything about them, then they’ll see that Gungans are pretty interesting and unique. Their warriors aren’t half bad either.

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What's weomg with battle drioids?

OT: They aren't irredeemable but it would be real hard to get the image of Jar Jar out of people's heads whenever they see them.

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I never got why people disliked Jar Jar so much. Most of his haters seem like bandwagoners TBH.

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Gungans aren't irredeemable; Ewoks are.

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Jar jar is about as annoying as Chewie is. Sue me.

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The Gungans were never bad, it was just their village idiot.

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If I could, I would give all Gungans radiation poisoning.

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One of my Star Wars original characters is a gungan jedi who wields a gungan energy shield alongside his lightsaber, maintaining the cultural warrior traditions of his people alongside the ataru style he was taught as a jedi to become a formidable duelist. I chose ataru largely because of the incredible leaping power gungans already have. Just imagine one with the Force amplifying his leaps and acrobatics even further.

There is definitely room for solid gungan characters. They have an incredibly interesting design and culture, and I enjoy seeing them any time it isn't Jar Jar specifically. Roos Tarpals, the Gungan warrior we saw in the movie, was a badass. Especially in the Clone Wars series where he sacrificed himself to bring down General Grievous.

It is unfortunate that Jar Jar Binks had to be the representative for the entire species to the fandom. If we had Roos instead of Jar Jar, I feel gungans could have easily become as beloved a figure in the Star Wars mythos as wookies.

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@wolfrazer said:

If anyone has actually read anything about them, then they’ll see that Gungans are pretty interesting and unique. Their warriors aren’t half bad either.