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Although longtime UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva said he was no longer interested in fighting for the belt after his devastating UFC 162 loss to Chris Weidman, it appears that ‘The Spider’ is now singing an entirely different tune. Weidman appeared earlier this week to discuss how Dana White and the Fertittas had told him a rematch with Silva would most likely take place in either December or February, prompting speculation that the rematch would be coupled with the Rousey-Tate title fight at UFC 168.

However, news came yesterday that UFC 168 was not to be the place, but that may not end up mattering at all. According to sources close to MMA Fighting, Silva has apparently (and perhaps predictably) shucked off his disinterest in fighting for the title and is now hell-bent on a rematch with the young champion who took his belt. The sources reported that they have never seen Anderson already so motivated for a fight, and that he was heard saying he wanted the rematch to take place this week.

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Hmmmm... a motivated Anderson Silva.

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Silva is coming off ass an mental case more and more.

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So.... will he actually fight this time?

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Vengeance, he wants.

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Hahahaha this makes me laugh.

I guess 'The Spider' doesn't like the whole world laughing at him.

Biggest punk ass way to lose a fight was the way Silva lost.

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Wow Silva, and to think I argued on your behalf to my friend.... lol

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I see no problem with this, and I don't know why anyone's acting surprised. I'm more surprised there was anybody who didn't expect this. Yeah, I think it should happen.

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Hopefully he gets KTFO again

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Fighters say a lot of stuff right after a big loss. Especially after a knockout loss. Emotions are high, and in the case of a KO, brain trauma has occurred.

Its the logical choice for Anderson; the big money is still in the superfights and those are gone until he fights the rematch. Unless he wanted to hang it up for good there's no sense fighting small time, less profitable fights when he could fight this one rematch and get back to the big money bouts.

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Sounds like Silva got a frowny face for getting knocked the f... hell out.

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Could you imagine if Weidman somehow was able to KO Anderson Silva in the rematch ? That would be Epic Sports History in the Making !

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Interesting. If it does happen, I hope Silva makes up for that loss.