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Win by Death

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Probably the men.

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Men. Lion might kill 1 or 2 but the rest puts him down.

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Definitely the men.

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The Men wins but are definitely taking home a couple of casualties.

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Maybe the men, but they definitely take casulties

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Animals have such crazy pain tolerance; add the fact that it's bloodlusted and the humans will have a tough time. The lion can one-shot by biting the necks.

I guess the question is whether 3 or 4 can beat it to death or KO it while it's busy breaking the necks of the others.

Lion 8/10.

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Lion probably kills 3/4 of them in the process and the survivors will most likely be wounded.

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Men win. One or two goes down in the process. It's not even a guarantee that the lion will casually one-shot a man. It could pounce one and the guy can cover himself while the lion gets hit by the bats. While it's taking damage it probably won't be biting and clawing as effectively as usual.

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Men win, but some of them are gonna die for sure.

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Lion kills all six but later dies from its injuries.

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Lion 9.9/10 times

The humans all get oneshotted and speedblitzed, the damage from the metal bats is superficial. Lions get kicked by zebras and walk it off

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Lion stomps lmao

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What? The Lion slaughters them.

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Lion 9/10.

Lions have insane pain tolerance & durability. They walk off getting kicked by zebras and giraffes, sometimes without suffering injuries. Even if the lion doesn't instantly kill the first man it attacks, 1 bite to any spot of the human body (leg or arm) would injure him and cause tremendous amounts of pain to a point in which he most likely can't stand up or walk anymore, let alone swing a baseball bat again. If the Lion doesn't decide to escape and fights back, it will win.

However there is a chance that it might die post-fight, because of internal bleeding & broken bones.

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I'm thinking the men. A metal baseball bat can do a lot of damage.

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The lion is also thrice+ as fast as any average man...

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Two men would be dead in as many seconds. One strike from its paw followed by a savage bite and two men are dead or down/dying. Should've given them spears or something. The sheer strength, speed, endurance/durability and savagery of a lion is more than half-a-dozen men with bats can handle.

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blunt force doesn't really work on animals the same as humans the baseball bats wont do as much damage to it as you'd think and Lion's pain tolerance is ridiculous you can see when they fight other lions they just fight through pain which humans won't do as well.

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The 6 men with metal bats; the most likely scenario is that the lion would pouch on one of the men; while the lion is in the process of trying to kill that man for prey, the other 5 men will then take the lion out; you can observe this behavior in wild life and even where a lion gets hold of a zookeeper and other people come to that person's rescue; contrary to how others describe the lion killing all 6 just isn't realistic; it's more a thing of lion psychology and being realistic; frankly, the lion isn't intelligent enough to take out all 6 men; his instincts is to take out and devour a single man, expecting that the other 5 will retreat; when the other 5 refuse to retreat or give up with some resistance by the lion so that he can finish off the one man, the lion simply doesn't know that he could kill the other 5; at best, the lion may go after one more man, but, all 5 just isn't how the lion process, especially before it can be taken out; or, even before that lion can kill the one man likely to be injured by the lion. Potential is very different from what would happen. The end result, the 1 man gets carted away badly mauled with a chance of surviving or being lost; at the very best, maybe a second man may end up in this state; what was earlier described, where a lion takes out all 6 men, is basically giving the lion both it's normal instincts and advantages, plus the intelligence of another man; hence, that wont happen; that's what a man lion would do: possibly take out all 6 men in one setting.

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Lions are overrated.

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If this were over a female in heat, I'd say the lion....

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The men shit themselves.

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The men but they need to sacrifice a couple

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So men only have the bats? If the men are smart, they can outsmart the lion, by making the lion bite on the bat, then all the men aim for the lions weak points (eyes) and blind it. Then hit it until its knocked out or dead

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Some body should try it and then come back tell the rest of us what happened.

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As aggressive as lions are, there are some that are timid and curious enough not to attack. Knowing that, I'd say the men would beat the lion.

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Lion 9/10

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Don’t forget men use to take down Mammoths.

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Is this CV men?

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@mra said:

Having 1 or 2 strong men with baseball bats is enough to take down a male lion. If you are talking about scrawny men then it would need 3 or 4 of them.

You're deluded if you think those men are taking down a male lion, let alone a bloodlusted male lion.

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Is this CV men?

Only guy here who has the wit and the will to ask the most relevant question.

OT: Lion takes this. Blunt force doesn't work much in this scenario. Give the men some cutting/slashing weapons like spears or machetes and they might win. MIGHT

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Lions regularly take kicks from giraffes and zebras, who hit much harder than a man with a baseball bat.

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Men would have to use perfect strategy and be on some good drugs to not be afraid to excute the strategy in order to win.

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Lion Stomps google a few videos of wild animals being shot by guns and still fighting...

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Lions, bears, wolves - hell, a few days ago people suggested unarmed humans would beat a T-rex by dogpiling it.

CV, where everyone is a combo of Conan and Chuck Norris.

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If the men are smart at all, the men.

Granted their culture has sort of revolved around it and they've perfected techniques, but Maasai tribesmen in Africa hunt lions and the more experienced hunters only use clubs. They sort of laugh up their sleeves a little at the newer hunters who use spears.

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Let's just say I wouldn't want to be a batter at that base.

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The lion stomps (or pounces?) the men with mid diff.