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Just canceled by Netflix. RIP.


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But Jessica Jones S3 hasn't even aired yet!!

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But Jessica Jones S3 hasn't even aired yet!!

The third season will air in mid to late 2019 on Netflix, but no more new seasons.

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I mean. . . what did you expected after the whole Daredevil fiasco this was practically guaranteed to happen sooner or later.

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Aw man... well it’s been a blast Netflix MCU. I hope you find a way to live on. :(

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We saw it coming. I don't see any of these characters coming back in any shape or form.

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These actors in these roles won’t be back, but the characters will likely return at some point on Hulu or D+. Not soon, though as Disney will want to avoid any immediate comparisons.

This news isn’t surprising, rather I would have been shocked if either was announced to continue.

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Would be more surprised if they weren't.