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Posted by Ghostodoofus2 (907 posts) 28 days, 4 hours ago

Poll: Rate Endgame from 1 to 10 (for anyone who's already seen it) (84 votes)

1 6%
2 0%
3 1%
4 2%
5 2%
6 5%
7 5%
8 12%
9 23%
10 42%
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My mom rated it 6.

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Solid 9.5.

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Solid 9.5, Film was great, didn't think they could out-do IW but they did. Film had a few hiccups, other than that, was emotional, spine tingling, just a bunch of greatness tbh.

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10 arguably one of the best movies ever made.

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8/10. It was very good, but there were alot of boring parts aswell as i expected a bit more when it comes to action.

Solid movie overall, i personlly think infinity was better as a movie tbh.

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@g2_: your opinion is wrong

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They bastardized Hulk, Thor, Cap, and Thanos. What a travesty.

Also had quite a few plot holes.

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Well people already throwing around the word masterpiece lol.

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7 for me.

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Around 7.5 to 8. There are a few flaws that's stopping me from giving it 9.

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I liked the Cap ending

Thors ending will be complete shit unless Hemsworth re-ups his contract

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@ghostodoofus2: ah if hes actually a real member of GOG3 or Thor 4 I'll be ok with it

Evil Loki is obviously coming back so Thor is obviously in the MCU plans in the future

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9.7.... Best MCU movie I've ever seen. I was a bit sceptical at first, but this is definitely one of my favorite movie of all time (in general).

Why isn't it a 10?:

  • Minus 0.1 because I had to hold my pee for the whole second half of the movie
  • Another minus 0.1 because the time travel stuff is a bit confusing, and I'm sure it's flawed in some ways
  • Another minus 0.1 for plot armor
  • I wanted to minus it more because they nerfed Hulk and Thor, but seeing how awesome and badass the female characters were. They balanced each other out.
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6. Infinity War was better.

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I'll give it a 9. One of the best MCU films out there. Very character focused and spent lots of time with the OG Avengers. Had a few issues with the way some characters are treated though.

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9 but Iw was better

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8. Infinity War was better but it's understandable -- creating a compelling and promising set-up is much easier. Then again, some parts had me literally yawning in the cinema. The final battle was pure epicness and Scarlet Witch destroying Thanos is officially my favorite MCU moment though. I adored Wasp and Ant-Man moments. A great relationship that just goes on its own without too much drama and spotlight stealing. Still, the way they treated Star-Lord is outrageous. I liked the way they used Captain Marvel although her role as the heavy cannon feels soooooo out of place knowing what she is in comics.

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This is pretty much solely due to them completely butchering Thor they ruined his character if they had given him an arc that made sense and wasn't garbage and making his whole character a joke then the film would've been near perfect for me. Would've preferred they toned down the extreme Cap wank too and not made Hulk a joke either.

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@thorthunder98: Im really gutted Hulk wasn't in the final battle with the originals against Thanos as well, it was the perfect opportunity for it.

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To echo a lot of movie reviewers I've seen its definitely better seen as a companion piece rather than a self contained experience. With Infinity War the Avengers got absolutely blindsided and had to scramble and adapt/meet newer heroes to stop a threat they ultimately failed to beat. Obviously, Endgame was going to be less action centric as a lot of those heroes are now suffering from the emotional trauma and having to adapt after the loss of their loved ones. I think anyone going into this film expecting the same constant battles as Infinity War are going to be disappointed. The characters individually all shine and their own personalities and how they deal with their losses all made the closure of their arcs more satisfying. The only complaint I have was how Thor was treated and how I feel Hulk should've had a moment to shine, rather than just play a background science-jargon character (that's stuff for DC flash garbage). Overall, I think that the heist aspects of the film were well done, the journey the characters go through in both films make this movie all the more satisfying at its closure, and there truly was a lot of sacrifice towards the end. We also get a few glimpses into the future and a lot of the main core characters still may have a few films or roles to play going into Phase 4

The film also cemented Thanos as one of the best cinematic villains in recent memories. He's truly a cold and evil person for some of what he does in the film, and how utterly unshaken he is at some moments (without spoiling). The final battle scene really has to be seen multiple times before it sinks in for me, theres so much going on that individual characters aren't going to be easy to spot, lol. In any event its excellent closure for 11 years of Marvel films, and some heroes will stay long enough to meet the incoming FOX roster of characters which will make whatever future plans Disney has a promise to be even larger (Secret Wars anyone???)


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@lan_fan: -.1s for all that? I can understand for the pee but the rest seem legit

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@kiba: I'm probably biased, but I just really liked the movie :P

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@tonymartial: Same I was hoping he'd get some shine in this film given he wasn't given any in IW and thought maybe Banner could switch personality with the Hulk when there's a battle so Hulk could go rage mode and go in on Thanos but nope nothing not one fight scene.

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10/10 for me.

It has almost everything you expect to see and more! Tony and Cap story arc went full circle, one of the most fulfilling finale for both of them. And the 3rd act of the movie is absolutely insane! My jaw dropped to the floor when the portals open and EVERYONE joins them! There's no word to describe what it did to us the audience, we are all shook, tear up and cheer together, it's like watching a football match.

There are really so many memorable moments, it's everything fans could hope for, but below are some of the standouts one


1. Professor Hulk! More specifically the Hulk dab! Never have I imagine I would see it on the big screen

2. Iron Man scene with Howard. My favorite by far, it really gave closure to Tony and his father's words made him even more determine to put down Thanos. I literally can't think of a better way to give his character a proper sent off.

3. Tony and Morgan scene. He went from a war monger to a hero then becomes a father, a god when he finally sacrifices himself to literally saved the Universe. With Morgan, she gives him perspective of life and the notion of family is that someone must sacrifice to be human. But on the other hand, he can't help to trying to fix everything, which is what Thanos said about him "being cursed by knowledge".

4. Cap vs Cap. Young cap beats old cap in straight h2h, but old cap is much wiser and cunning haha.

5. Hail Hydra! It's perfect for 2 reasons: Old cap being wiser and less violent decides to use more than punches and kicks. And the fact that Russos use it as a parody throwback to WS about how absurd a single line is able to determine someone is or isn't on your side.

6. Lebowski Thor! Chris Hemsworth always wanted to do this according to an interview, a burnout Thor and his dry humor and hopelessness really sold us what he has been through.

7. Thor scene with Frigga. It's heart wrenching to see Thor trying to hold back his tears and unable to save his mother...

8. The whole of 3rd act. From the Prof. Hulk snap to the portal opening and everyone comes out. It's the MOST EPIC scenes I have ever seen. No joke, beat Lord of the Ring, Star Wars. And it's so well executed too, but the Russos did it 100% right, I am floored after witnessing that.

9. Cap with M'jolnir! Nuff said.

10. Cap grows old and Falcon becomes Cap. America.


1. They gutted Hulk, AGAIN! He has no action at all, I think the Russos hate the hulk for some reason. And here I thought we could finally see a DCEU level fight between Thanos and Hulk, turns out none!

2. Thor abandoned his people and ran off with the GotG?! I was like wutttt... Didn't your father said you must protect your people or whomever is left after Ragnarok. It's just so out of character for him, and undone every character building of him in the last 3 movies

3. The whole Nebula cross timeline sync shenanigans. it's honestly beyond my suspense of disbelief

4. Thor's fight with Thanos is so lackluster, even Cap fare better than Thor did.

5. Dr.Strange is written away to hold off a flood, when he could've be more useful in fighting Thanos.


It's still a very very good movies, lives up the hype!

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The movie was overall very good!

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7-8/10. Still not sure about the exact rating but somewhere around that. It felt a bit underwhelming at times, like it couldn't follow up on IW's hype.

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8 or 9

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It would be 10 but Brie Larson was annoying.

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9.5 - My second favorite Superhero Movie yet after TDK, and there wasn't even much Captain Marvel so I don't see why people are complaining.

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As objectively as i can:
First half very mediocre 5/10, second half very amazing 9/10. Overall id give it a 7.5/10. Theres just too much holding it back to be a very good film and not just a great CBM (which it is).

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9/10 only because of Captain Marvel, I would explain why but I'm too lazy to spoiler block on phone.

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10 for sure.

Also nice to see feaatzzz people sad.

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6. Overall a letdown. Many plot holes, it was too easy and action wasn't very good

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9.5 for me. Amazed by the feels it gave me and the great time I had with it.

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8.9 for me. Dragged on a little in the first half but the payoff was magnificent

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