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Poll: MCU: Favourite female superhero? (36 votes)

Black Widow 33%
Scarlet Witch 17%
Captain Marvel 17%
Nebula 3%
Gamora 14%
Mantis 3%
Valkyrie 6%
Pepper Potts 3%
Okoye 0%
Wasp 6%
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Scarlet (the one that is a witch). Though her costumes suck.

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It's a tossup between Widow and Wanda.

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Wanda or Widow

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Gamora or Widow.

Gamora is actually underrated and excellent.

She is a proper character and one of the best in the MCU. Like top tier.

I don't think Wanda comes close. She isn't very interesting even though she's powerful. Plus I do feel Zoe Saldana's performance as Gamora is insanely good.

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Scarlet Witch.

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Probably Gamora. Does Peggy Carter count? If so, her then Gamora. After that maybe Shuri if she counts, too. I wasn’t a big Widow fan until Endgame. She brought her A-game with that performance.

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Out of this list, Okoye. Ms Pots is a close second. Peggy Carter is the GOAT though.

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Gamora’s the only one that feels believable.

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Ms. Potts.

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1) Black Widow

2) Scarlet Witch

3) Gamora

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Scarlet Witch hands down.

After Wanda then Daisy/Quake and Jessica Jones. But if we're only counting canon heroines then Nebula and Wasp take 2nd and 3rd place.

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between mantis and captain marvel.

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Wasp. Lily's a very underrated actress. I could see her being one of the leaders in future team ups.

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Tie between Wanda and Natasha.