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Poll: Favourite MCU Phase 2 Villain? (32 votes)

Aldrich Killian 3%
Malekith the Accursed 3%
Alexander Pierce 50%
Ronan the Accuser 0%
Ultron 41%
Yellowjacket 3%

This should be a lot harder than phase 1. I didn't include Bucky since he's not technically a villain and was brainwashed.

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Hydra from TWS. Rumlow stood out the most.

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Toss up between Ronan and Pierce. The rest were garbage.

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Robert Redford

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All of them are bad but Ultron was a little better

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Wow these guy suck

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All are trash.

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Ultron out of these guys... He wasn't as bad as everyone says.

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Where is Crossbones

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Phase 2 had some dark days...

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@darkthunder said:

All of them are bad but Ultron was a little better

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... Wow. I hadn't realized before how bad phase 2 was.

Pierce is the only villain in this list that I didn't hate.

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Hahahaha, I guess Pierce. Wow, this is truly a weak line-up of characters.

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Ultron. I actually liked him.

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Alexander Pierce I guess. And does trailer Ultron counts? Because if he does, he soloes lol

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I liked Ultron