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I would really like to see a badass 1 vs 1 fighting game like Injustice come from marvel. I know they had "Nemesis" and "Mutant Academy" and of course "MvsC" but in my opinion, none of those games compare to the fighting style of injustice. I just feel like MOST Marvel games has been put towards kids lately which is cool. But damn give the people who have been loving comics for 20 plus years a badass fighting game.

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i agree

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Marvel doesn't make games, but i would like to see a sequel to Capcoms Marvel Super Heroes.

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They would need to hook up with the Netherrealms studio to do that. The feel you get from the MK games and the SF games are unique in their respective ways. It's not meant to be "like" injustice. In the end it probably all comes down to weather you like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter more.

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You do relise that injustice is DC not Marvel ?

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Yes I realize that. Thats what Im saying. DC made an amazing effing fighting game. Marvel has not.

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I think it would be awesome if they made a Injustice style fighting game