Lex Luthor's New Costume

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Sick glasses.

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I think he looks awesome like this! He's Lex Luthor, he deserves to have some swag. My only complaint is that I can't have glasses like those lol

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Not great, sloppy, lacking anything iconic.Glasses are just silly.

But then like all the post-Convergence stuff, it's not going to last long, so why worry about it?

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I kinda like it. Not sure why he's moving away from the businessy outfit; maybe he lost LexCorp...again.

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It looks alright, a bit Flashy (for Lex) but otherwise fitting.

Reminds me of Static both in costume and in flying hubcap esk thing.

Same here! lol I didn't think of Jack O' Lantern at all but totally more Static Shock between the more higher tech look and the hover disc he's on.

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Hipster Luthor!!!

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He's super hero gifted.

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LOL that look is TERRIBLE. White Static Shock. DC needs to stop trying to fix things that aren't broken. The JLA suit he wore was PERFECT.

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#109 Posted by deactivated-5a04a566e9ae3 (12864 posts) - - Show Bio

.......and this is why I don't read DC comics. He looks like Gambit mixed with a watermelon.

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That doesn't look good at all. None of the post-convergence costumes have been good except Aquaman

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No Caption Provided

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Next week tune in for Batman in a fedora.

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The look is fine. Most of you are hate filled trolls who are never happy with anything.

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'Mad Scientist Look' - Chris Farley

'Super Friends Look' - Skeletor

'Armor Look' - I'm Trying Not To Look Like Iron Man

'Return to the Business Suit' - Professor X But Standing

'Armor Again' - I'm Trying Not To Look Like Hulkbuster

'Sleeker and Updated Armor' - Still Totally Not Iron Man

'New Look' - Half Gambit and Half Bebop From TMNT

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Too much like Static Shock. Its not the worst though.

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Looks dope !


Absolute mad man !

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I just hate the glasses soooo much! !!!

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I just hate the glasses soooo much! !!!

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@micah said:
@feartheliving said:

Reminds me of Static both in costume and in flying hubcap esk thing.

I feel the same way as all the others as well, saying that it's very similar to Static Shock's design. Ps. I don't like it.

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The glasses need to be removed.

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he reminds me of back to the future part 2.

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I So agree, I don't read as much DC as I could have, If DC hadn't been changing so much in the new 52.

In fact I can 'almost' count how many title in the new 52 continuity I have on one hand: Justice League of America 2013-2014, Meredith Finch's Wonder Woman, Batman and Robin Annual #3, Harley Quinn specials', Demon Knights, some Convergence tie-in's and probably only Starfire after June.

I got so angry when I read the free comic book day special.

And I was actually a Clark Kent fan before the new 52 but he is not the only DC Character I've disliked after the new 52!

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Why is Lex Luthor trying to sell me Mountain Dew?

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Looks like a white Static...

LMFAO. I was thinking he bought Gambit's old costume at a Thrift Store, but you nailed it this is "Lex Luthor - The White Static".

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This looks pretty bad, I liked his current look.

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He looks like a hipster. I don't like anything about that costume. None of that screams Lex Luthor to me.

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Lol they added some sexiness... or not

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Loading Video...

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Sorta like All-Star Superman Lex meets Static Shock meets Captain Cold

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this is so 80s

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He looks alright. he looks better than the superman's new costume, superman'snew costume sucks.

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I personally think it looks ridiculous. The gloves make him look like a hipster asshole. And I've never liked the mixture of street clothes and superhero suits. If you're gonna do all street clothes, that's fine. Or all spandex. Not both. People have always loved Gambit, but I've always thought that trench coat was dumb. This is no exception. The goggles are too big. Why not just be sleek?

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Its Lex Luthor for cripes sake, who cares what he looks like? He could wear a ploka-dotted suit and no one is going to go as ape-crap crazy as people do when DC or Marvel messes with the traditional look of a main-line hero like Superman or Spider-Man.

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I dont mind the new look. I like the downplaying of it. It looks like he is just trying to hide his armor under the trench coat so i would expect the coat to come off a lot in the comics. I like the new gloves. and i dont mind the new chest bpiece but i would prefer there not be one unless he can do shots of energy from it. The flying board looks like he just found a way to replicate Static Shocks abilities

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Meet the new, "totally radical" Lex Luthor!

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Not a fan of the glasses. He looks too much like Static Shock.

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@titanbreaker: YES, I was just about to write that. Till I scrolled down.