Lex Luthor's New Costume

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Lex Luthor has gone through many changes over the years. We've seen him as a 'mad' scientist, super-villain, and even currently as a hero in the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE. Often, you just never really know what to expect with Lex. We can't help but feel, deep down, he is fully of evil. He has been showing signs and an honest attempt at doing good. But this is Lex we're talking about.

In the BATMAN/SUPERMAN Sneak Peek (which you can read for free HERE), Lex has ditched his signature armored suit for something a little sleeker. This isn't the first time he's changed his outfit. Before we get into his brand new attire, let's look back at some of his more memorable looks.

Mad Scientist Look

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In the beginning, Lex had hair. We never really knew why he was a bit of a 'mad' scientist. You often had to wonder if he had the intelligence and means to fund some of his crazy schemes and technology, why was he turning to crime?

Super Friends Look

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In the 70s animated series, he went this purple outfit. Lex seemed to always like purple and green. This outfit served as more of a costume and separated him from the scientist or businessman look.

My one question is, what was in those little compartment things on the straps across his chest? Did they ever show him storing anything in those? Did he keep Kryptonite pebbles in there?

Armor Look

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During the 80s and on the Super Powers toy line, Lex went with a more armored look. If he's going to try to go up against the Man of Steel so often, it made sense he'd want to try to have some sort of advantage. Of course being able to fire Kryptonite blasts on certain models also gave him an upper hand over Superman. You have to admit this is sort of a clunky look.

Return to the Business Suit

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We also saw a return to the straight businessman look. Lex ditched the armor and focused on building a financial empire. This way, he could rule the business world and also employ others to do his dirty work.

Armor Again

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Perhaps Lex simply enjoys getting into the action against Superman. He's gotta love the feeling of delivering a powerful blow against Superman's big square chin. But once again, take a look at this outfit. He'd need his own parking spot just to put this thing if he decided to get out. With the green and purple, colors we tend to associate with the supervillains, it's pretty obvious he's up to no good. The big oversized intimidating look is also a good indication he's carrying around all this fire power to do something bad.

Sleeker and Updated Armor

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When he became a member of the Justice League, he did have a slimmer suit of armor. This look puts him more on par with the other heroes on the team. He doesn't look like a walking tank. Having his head more visible and exposed also could give a more welcoming appearance. He isn't trying to hide anything. You know who you're dealing with. And while the suit is likely to have all sorts of hidden weaponry, it doesn't look as crazy as a giant arsenal.

New Look

In the sneak peek, his new look is perhaps more practical?

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This outfit let's him walk around without having to worry about where he's going to park his suit of armor. He has the traditional trench coat look that we don't see as often as we used to. He still has power gauntlets so we can assume he's still capable of blasting enemies. Baggy pants? Perhaps he actually has armor under those. What's that glowing on his chest? We have to assume it's not Kryptonite. Lex learned the hard way in the pre-New 52 continuity about the harmful effects of Kryptonite radiation. Maybe it does show a source of power for whatever weaponry he's hiding and maybe he just still really really likes green. The glasses? They look pretty cool but some guys just like wearing shades all the time.

What is Lex standing/kneeling on? Is it a flying platform or hovercraft? It looks like Jack O'Lantern's (from Marvel) hover glider thing.

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Maybe this is easier than having thrusters on his boots. If it was light enough, maybe he could carry it on his back the way Captain America carries his shield. We'd have to assume he'd have some sort of magnetic boots to keep from getting knocked off.

It's kind of a weird look. Lex is taking bits from different eras. He is still a businessman despite also being a member of the Justice League. This could be his compromise to try to fit into both worlds. We don't know the full benefits of this new look. We'll definitely be checking him out in action when he appears this way in June.

What are your thoughts on his new semi-casual look? Which outfit for Lex do you prefer?

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Doesn't really do anything for me.

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Glasses are a bit much. I like rest ok.

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Reminds me of Static both in costume and in flying hubcap esk thing.

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Glasses are a bit much. He kinda reminds me of that scientist in All Star Superman.

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Not a fan of the trench coat. Or the glasses. Or the single semi-fingerless glove. Hover disc is pretty cool, I guess.

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looks kinda like his All-Star Superman look

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SO cool!


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Reminds me of Static both in costume and in flying hubcap esk thing.

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The trench coat definitely fits, the gloves' color should a bit more darker than magenta and the shades need to be off. One thing about Luther: He is not afraid to show his face to his allies, to the public, or to his enimeies.

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I'm really digging this look for him. The glasses are sick.

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It looks like the 90's puked on him.

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Love everything but the glasses. I think those'll have to just grow on me, idk

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He might have stole Mister Miracle tech and put his own personal twist on it.

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The business one is the only one that works for me

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Personally, I always think of he and Supes as in their mid 30s at the least unless it's a story where their age is a factor, so this costume just doesn't work for me. He looks like someone trying really hard to be "punk", what with the glasses and glove without fingers and trench coat. Looked just fine before as far as I'm concerned.

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Looks like evil Mr Terrific

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Looks like whatever is "hip" threw up on him.

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DJ Lex, ready to put the beat down, on yo butt.

AKA: It looks like poop for a guy who's for the past 30 years branded himself as a serious buisnessman who even won the White House.

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Hmm, no.

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Glasses are a bit much. He kinda reminds me of that scientist in All Star Superman.

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Not Lex himself from the same series?

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This is what I thought of when I saw it

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So is everyone just getting sub-par or terrible redesigns?

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Will probably grow on me like Cyclops' X-Visor did...

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At least it's better than Superthug....

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So, it's Lex Lebeau / Remy Luthor ? :-P

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Is he joining the X-Men in the 90's? Because otherwise I'm not sure about it.

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No Caption Provided

This is what I thought of when I saw it

Static called he wants his look back!

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I really love DC and want to keep reading their books but right now they make me want to drop everything but the two Justice League books and possibly a couple of other titles as well. They're trying a bit too much to change everything that makes DC what it is.

I loved what they did with Grayson, for example, and I'm not a big fan of change in my comic books, but killing Bruce and having Gordon playing Iron Man all over Gotham, and having Lois revealing Clark's identity to the world? That's a big no.

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Posted by Goonage- 4 hours ago

It looks like the 90's puked on him.


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Eh..s'okay I guess. Tbh I don't really feel one way or another about it.

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Why is he wearing Gambit's gloves?

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Jack O Lantern called and he wants his flying disc back...

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Spoiler alert: That first thing isn't actually a thing.

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I don't like the disc but the rest looks kinda cool... Although I was fan of the sleek Lex armour he had from Forever Evil

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He looks like Eradicator with a touch of Gambit.

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Static Lex? Luthor Shock?

The glasses and trenchcoat could mean that they're trying too hard, but it doesn't look terrible. Lex deserves a signature look.

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Fingerless gaunlets?


Why on both?

Other than that...meh.

Anyway,he looks like a futuristic 90s skater.

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Not the worst thing ever

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It's lex luthor.... we can't expect anything fancy.

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1989 called, they want their everything back

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Too much swag for the lot of you

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Too much swag for the lot of you

Change the finger-less gauntlets and the shape of the glasses and it improves a lot.

Other than that, it is quite bland look.