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Poll: Can Lex Luthor be trusted with Batman's Secret? (234 votes)

Heck yeah! Lex really wants what's best for the Justice League and the world. 6%
No way! Lex only cares about ruling the world. 61%
I'm really not sure. Maybe he's turning over a new leaf but it's hard to tell. 32%

Minor spoiler if you haven't read JUSTICE LEAGUE #30 and #31.

After the events of FOREVER EVIL and Nightwing's identity being publicly exposed, Lex Luthor has discovered one of the biggest secrets in the DC Universe--he knows Batman's secret identity. Lex appears to now want to do good after helping save the day in FOREVER EVIL, but this is Lex Luthor we're talking about. He approached Bruce Wayne about his discovery.

Is this a new Lex Luthor we're seeing or is he up to something, as usual?

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#1 Posted by deactivated-5a162dd41dd64 (8662 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh wow, that art is pretty awful.

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I think he can be, Lex hates aliens and meta-humans, neither of which Bruce Wayne is, so I don't think he cares what Batman does.

I always thought he respected Batman.

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#3 Posted by ULTRAstarkiller (9130 posts) - - Show Bio

No way! I doubt he'd tell anyone but he'd use it to his advantage some how. I mean come on in the words of Superman "Its Lex flippin Luthor".

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I particulary don't trust him at all.

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@squares said:

Oh wow, that art is pretty awful.

Yeah, it doesn't necessarily look like the respective characters, but the art itself looks pretty nice in my opinion.

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what 5 year old wrote the options for the poll?

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luthor next robin: CONFIRMED.

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I like the poll results.

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@squares said:

Oh wow, that art is pretty awful.

I thought the same thing XD.

Interesting development. I'm having trouble taking most New 52 developments seriously in an capacity. But taking Lex in this direction is a bold and potentially rewarding decision.

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@ultrastarkiller said:

No way! I doubt he'd tell anyone but he'd use it to his advantage some how. I mean come on in the words of Superman "Its Lex flippin Luthor".

The Justice League (Unlimited) Superman is the best.

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I mean they have similar hobbies. Slapping the justice leauge around and making money.

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I know for a fact that he won't tell anyone. DC is not going to do that.

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I hope this sticks somehow. This is change we can believe in, unlike every "world-changing" event marvelnow! has where the status quo is back at the end of the event. And yeah, I realize it happens at DC also, but hopefully this will last a while. It should make for some interesting stories. The people of Gotham not being able to figure out Bruce is Batman, especially when he's flanked by the same number and size boys as all of the Robins has always seemed very Springfieldish to me.

Oh and I voted no, Luthor cannot be trusted. But what if he can be...

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#15 Posted by IDontLikeBirds (873 posts) - - Show Bio

I doubt he can be trusted, but I would actually love to see him become a legit hero. I'd love to see him try to outdo the rest of the JL and try to be....superior. ;)

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I'm kind of down the middle on it. I mean sure, based on his past iterations he obviously can't be trusted at all. But this is New 52 continuity and there have been a lot of interesting changes to the continuity (some even for the better I would say). Superman's a lot brasher, Batman's actually fallible, Wonder Man is a demi-Goddess of War, Billy Batson isn't 100% pure of heart, the list goes on. The one thing that is certain is that Lex is trying to ensure his own survival once Anti-Monitor arrives. You need someone as opportunistic as Luthor is if you want to survive something this powerful.

He's a public figure capable of much larger scale organization than Batman can do anonymously (a group of global ninja agents doesn't exactly improve the situation). I think he's specifically bringing Captain Cold into the mix to show that he can weaponize the villains they've been fighting against like in the Flashpoint timeline. And wrangling SHAZAM onto the team means he recognizes all potential metahuman resources as viable members while Batman trusts almost no one.

Let me just say that in the past decade or so Lex Luthor has become one of my favorite DC characters in both the comic and animated universes. As evil as he can get he makes humans look like they're capable of unbelievable feats of intellect. That's why it's so awesome to see him succeed where all these metahumans, aliens, and space gods fail.

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Despite them not seeing eye to eye on just about anything, I wouldn't be surprised if Lex thought of Batman as someone who was beneficial to society and therefore worth preserving. I also think that Lex appreciates the fact that Batman, like himself, is just a highly intelligent, highly motivated human with no powers who can stand against or alongside gods and aliens.

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@juke: I like aspects of it, but overall it's not great, IMO. The faces change in shape and features from panel to panel, and the expressions sometimes look weird.

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luthor next robin: CONFIRMED.

yes, and he will were the classic robin outfit... you know the one with only green underwear

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@iaconpoint: Actually, DC learned to stick to their guns. The N52, Superman/Wonder Woman, Grayson...DC has some integrity when it comes to events, but they know they can erase everything with Anti-Monitor. =D

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Can people please stop trying to make Lex Luthor into a hero? He's not, deal with it, move on.

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It's Lex F***ing Luthor. Of course he can't.

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I put I'm not sure. Alex is a complicated human...

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No way, it's like a universal rule, no matter when , where , how , or why , Lex will always be the bad guy.

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@mezmero: You do know that your first paragraph about Batman renders your last paragraph about Lex Luthor a contradiction? And Lex Luthor does NOT trust the superhumans he works with on any principle other than leverage. Batman finds it hard to trust people at face value, but works with other people more than ANY other titled hero. Lex, as a sociopath, is incapable of the empathic leaps required for bonds of trust and friendship.

His motivations are entirely based on his own advancement. As that coincides with the league in the fight against whatever destroyed Earth 3, he can be trusted. If Luthor felt that it was possible to get leverage on the League and Superman, he would not have spent so mucho time and money to kill Superman. He knows that there is no real leverage that he can strongly lean on, because he knows more than anyone else just how fundamentally NOT human Superman really is.

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I think yes, Lex is sorta turning over a new leaf. It seems DC is doing with Luthor the same thing Marvel did with Magneto. When Magneto first turned, there were a lot of questions of weather or not he can be trusted, but then he proved himself and became a valued member of the X-Men. And now he has become an Anti-Hero, working on his own. I feel this is what they are planning to do with Luthor. He'll prove his worth when he does something that might be considered heroic by the rest of the League, and will eventually become a valued member of the team, and earn everyone else's trust.

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@senglord: I don't feel like I was all that contradictory. When I mention Luthor succeeding where others don't I'm specifically referencing his role in Forever Evil. I think it's more an issue of reliability than trustworthiness when it comes to Lex. He put together an impromptu response team to beat the Crime Syndicate and succeeded. He has a better sense of who and what he needs to utilize to further his goals even if he can't bring himself to truly trust or bond with a team. You might say that's exploitative but in the end results are what counts. Keep in mind he saw how utterly evil and destructive Alexander Luthor was so it's possible that he realizes that he's really not as evil as he could potentially be.

Let's face it, New 52 Batman (or rather Geoff Johns Batman) hasn't exactly been all that reliable in the big team confrontations from what we've seen in the JL books. For New 52 it seems like the only reason Batman works with so many different heroes is more of a marketing ploy than an actual character trait. I wish that weren't the case but DC has been so blatant about it that it's hard to ignore. And I didn't read any of Superman's ongoing series other than the Lex villains month issue so for all I know he's super evil in those books.

Anyway I tend to type a lot when I'm stressed out, so if you're finding continuity problems in my writing then it's not a big deal. I said I was down the middle on this topic because it really feels like it could go either way.

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Can't trust either one of them.

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No, This is Lex Luthor we're talking about. He'd tell the whole world who Bats really is

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Lex shouldn't know the damn secret to begin with.

Guaranteed this ends up with Bruce wanting to delete his memory or something like that. You know, the kind of thing Bruce adamantly stood against pre-flashpoint.

Thank Johns.

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There is really not much to it. First and foremost Luthor is for and about himself. He is the epitome of conceit and egomania. And let us not kid ourselves, despite whatever con he may be playing at the moment, he is Evil.

I am anxiously waiting for the moment when one of the majoor players finally figures it out and kills him. Preferably in a most painful and drawn out way.

My money is on Aquaman or Green Lantern. Maybe even Black Adam.

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LOL, it's only a matter of time before he uses the information to take down the League.

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ya know i remember when i thought there was no way Magneto was going to be a good guy and join the X-men whelp i was sort of wrong (now he hovers between the line of good and evil) and so i think maybe there is a chance for Lex


I remember that Dr. Doom also appears to be going "good" and i dont buy that for 1 second.... and im forced to remind myself there is no way hes going good guy for long

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Lex is all about the big picture. Additionally, this isn't about Superman, so I think Lex, in this instance, could probably make a more sound judgement.

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Nope I bet he will tell the Joker.