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So i was just thinking aside from Batman Jason Todd is probbily the best character to get the game Treatment. Dot get me wrong i would LOVE to see Dick Grayson to get his own game i just think a game centred around Jason as the red hood would be awesome.

Heres my idea.

I dount have an idea for a story but the gameplay would be a mixture of acrobatic gun play and close range melee combat.

So what are your ideas.

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I think it would be an awesome idea, maybe have Batman gone from Gotham and gangs running wild. Or perhaps a Battle for the Cowl situation where the Bat family does battle with each other.

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I would love that

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jason's story itself would make a great game if it was made kind of arkham city style with the game starting with a prelude as you try to stop the bomb and get killed by joker

then the actual story when you come back as red hood

i also think he should be dlc in injustice i mean he's perfect for a hand to hand fighting game

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@Z3RO180: Did you ever play Sonic Adventures 2? They introduced this character named Shadow the Hedgehog who was pretty much the anti-Sonic the Hedgehog. For every mission you'd play as Sonic, you'd get one as Shadow.

Personally I think this would be a great formula for a Red Hood/Nightwing (or Batman I guess) game. In the end the two characters could end up reconciling and working towards a common goal. Then after completion (if the game has an open environment) there could be switch off points like there are for Batman and Catwoman in Arkham City. Just an idea.

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If they make another Batman Arkham (Insert cool-sounding place here), he'll probably be in it.

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@Onemoreposter: great idea LOVED that game have it on 360

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Would love to get a game centred on jason. So far I love playing Red Hood in Lego Batman 2. If there was a game centred on Jason, I would like one part of the game where Jason has the balls to take on four ice villains (Mr. Freeze, Icicle Jr., Captain Cold and Killer Frost) at the same time, that would be so bad ass.

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@ULTRAstarkiller: I think everyone did. Even crazy fundamentalist terrorists are out there sitting in their caves playing this and saying "<damn, batman is the shiznit>."

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I love the idea for a battle for the cowl game. All the Robins and Batgirls past and present are in it. That would actually be good for a mortal kombat style game. Each character would have their own inheriting the cowl ending.