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So, just a quick question, which of the two major Sue Storms do you prefer?

The Regular 616 Sue Storm?

Or the Ultimate U 1610 Sue Storm?

Personally for me, I prefer Ultimate Sue Storm, Ultimate Enemy really made me fall in love with her, especially the whole confession when Ben was out in a coma about how she doesn't even like herself so much. I dunno, something about that confession really made me like her.

Sadly she's really not getting good screen time since. They really need to make a new series for her and Ben in the Ultimate U. Hell, I don't even think we've seen Ben since Ultimate Enemy.

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Well, I don't know that I have much of a preference. I did like seeing her in love with Ben in the Ultimate Universe, as this is one thing that I always thought would be nice through the years of following the regular Fantastic Four. Myself, I do not see much of a difference between the two versions. Yes, the Ultimate Sue is more of a scientist, but that and her love for Ben seem to be the two main differences. I guess I will take any version of Sue I can get, until the day she darkens her hair and then I will walk.

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616 version, like most of the Ultimates characters i just can't help but dislike her personality.

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I prefer the Ultimate version since she seems much more aggressive and proactive than her 616 counterpart. To be fair, I haven't really read much of the character outside tie-ins in which she appeared in that had to do with the X-Men, Daken and X-23. I did like her in Civil War though.

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i love both, but if i had to pick i guess ultimate she told reed to f off justifiably

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I think the Ultimate Sue was pretty awesome but then the whole thing with Reed and the ultimate FF went down the tubes and soured me on the whole lot of them.

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Well, we may all soon get a chance to reconsider the situation, as it has been revealed that Sue will star in a new Ultimate FF series, along with Tony Stark. However, the title supposedly will stand for Ultimate Future Foundation, not Ultimate Fantastic Four. What other characters we will see has yet to be revealed.