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Now that Johns's run is coming to an end, I'd like to start reading Green Lantern... I just have no idea where to begin. After having read and reread Morrison's JLA run, I've become a huge fan of Kyle Rayner. JL/JLU has gotten me interested in wanting to learn more about John Stewart, and the small bits I've read of JLI has me interested in Guy Gardner. So, without going way far back to the Silver/Bronze Age, is there a suitable starting point/reading list to get a good scope on the four earth GL's? Would I benefit from anything prior to Johns's run, or does he cover everything about the other earth GL's worth knowing?

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Essential reading is in bold

  1. Green Lantern: Rebirth
  2. Green Lantern: No Fear
  3. Green Lantern Corps: Recharge
  4. Green Lantern: Revenge of the Green Lanterns
  5. Green Lantern Corps: To Be a Lantern
  6. Green Lantern: Wanted: Hal Jordan
  7. Ion Vol. 1: The Torchbearer
  8. Green Lantern Corps: Dark Side of the Green
  9. Ion Vol. 2: The Dying Flame
  10. Sinestro Corps War
  11. Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest
  12. Green Lantern: Secret Origin
  13. Green Lantern: Rage of the Red Lanterns
  14. Green Lantern Corps: Sins of the Star Sapphire
  15. Green Lantern: Agent Orange
  16. Green Lantern Corps: Emerald Eclipse
  17. Blackest Night/Blackest Night: Green Lantern/Blackest Night: Green Lantern Corps
  18. Green Lantern Corps: Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns
  19. Brightest Day: Green Lantern
  20. Green Lantern Corps: The Weaponer
  21. Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors
  22. War of the Green Lanterns
  23. Green Lantern Vol. 1: Sinestro
  24. Green Lantern Corps Vol. 1: Fearsome
  25. Green Lantern: New Guardians Vol. 1: The Ring Bearer
  26. Red Lanterns Vol. 1: Blood and Rage
  27. The rest of the New 52 stuff

But since you wanted to read about all 4 Lanterns, stuff like GLC, Ion, Emerald Warriors and New Guardians is essential as well. Some other recommendations:

  • Emerald Dawn I & II
  • Green Lantern/Green Arrow
  • Willworld
  • Ganthet's Tale
  • Alan Moore's stories

There were also some TPBs for Kyle's era but they're veeery hard to find nowadays. You may have better luck in Comixology for those.

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@gambit1024: Well, I guess starting at the beginning of Johns' run would be the intuitive place to start...but there's several things you actually need to know before you do that even. The reason why I say that is because the aftermath of Superman's death and return play a vital role in that first arc of Johns.

So I guess, the most logical step would be Green Lantern: Secret Origin.

Without having to go into the silver/bronze age stuff, and if you really have the time, Emerald Twilight is maybe where to go after that - that's where Kyle was introduced.