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On this week's episode of Gotham, Gordon and Bullock are teamed up back again and trying to find Jerome and who broke him out. At the GCPD, Gordon is still on a rampage after Captain Essen and 9 officers were killed. Leslie Thompkins comes in and says there's a children's hospital gala that evening and they should go.

Jerome meets up with his father. It's not a typical reunion though. He holds his father hostage. Of course, he ends up killing off his father, but Gordon and Bullock are there, but only make it in time to get knocked out by some gas.

Throughout the first 20 minutes, folks say there's going to be a magician at the gala. It's no shock that Jerome takes the place of he magician. Seriously, the cast of characters is obsessed with magicians. Anyway, Bruce is chosen to be the Great Rodolfo's (Jerome's) volunteer. As it goes on, Leslie discovers that Jerome is the magician and Barbara is the assistant. Jerome brings up the deputy mayor and throws a knife at him, but the audience can't leave. They're trapped.

Theo Gallavan waltzes in to tell Jerome he needs to stop. What's happening to them is being broadcast to everyone in Gotham. Jerome wants Bruce to come on stage, and Gordon comes in. It's a standoff, but Theo sneaks up and stabs Jerome in the neck. Wha? Regardless, Theo looks like the hero, so why put any eyes on him for breaking the crazies out?

Bullock pays Penguin a visit. He puts his foot down and lets Penguin know that Bullock is in charge.

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Awesome opening this week as Bullock and Gordon throw some criminals out some windows in order to get more info about Jerome.

Cameron Monaghan's performance of Jerome is the highlight of the past two episodes as well as this one. Monaghan is intense and incredibly creepy and steals the show. Does he end up becoming the Joker? (No, duh!) Who cares? He's just doing such an awesome job in this role. It doesn't matter anymore. What does matter is the fact he was killed off, since he was the best part of this season thus far. He's what really helped the tone feel like a live-action cartoon. That moment was extremely shocking though, as Jerome felt like someone who would have lasted longer on the show.

What really worked about Jerome's story is that his personality is strangely infectious. It's a bit silly that seeing a dude of tv like that would cause numerous other people to head out and starting acting out, violently. Either way, the idea of that Jerome has infected those around him is a cool idea, as long as they keep rolling with it.

I found it pretty silly that over and over again someone kept saying "there's going to be a magician here." It's the most obvious use of foreshadowing. We get it. There's going to be something special or awful or important about the upcoming magician, like Jerome taking the place of said magician. That whole part of the story was good but it did drag a little bit. It didn't feel like there was as much suspense as their should have been.

I found it kinda silly and pretty funny that the whole cast of Gotham was at this gala. It seemed like the weirdest way to get the whole cast into the same room, except for Bullock and Gordon. It was some weird writing as all these characters did serve a purpose at one point, for the plot.

The speech Barbara gives to Leslie really takes away from her character. Her whole motive behind all of this is to get back with Jim? Boo. I liked her better when she was doing her own thing and just being nutty. We've seen the obsession she's had with Jim in the past two episodes, but her flatout telling Leslie she's doing all this to get with Jim ruins the character. Could she be lying? Sure. But it was such a weird moment.

Overall, this was another solid episode of Gotham for the season. It wasn't as great as last week's episode and there were a few huge bummer moments, like with what happened to Jerome, but this season is still playing out like a live action cartoon and it's working extremely well.

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I really Enjoyed this episode and hope that Jerome Inspires the REAL Joker.

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My cable service is all wonky tonight so I couldn't watch RAW and/or the TWD marathon, and I was left with this...

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Thought it was a pretty cool episode. Agree about the magician thing. Also Alfred hitting on "Lee" was weird and creepy

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I would of given this 5 stars but the idiot show writers killed off their best character way too early

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Killing off best character at episode 2? Does ANYONE else have the feeling that the show writers will regret this?

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Killing off best character at episode 2? Does ANYONE else have the feeling that the show writers will regret this?

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To get with BRUCE? That's gross haha. I think you meant to type Jim there Mat. :)

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Am I just dense, then? I thought the whole "there's going to be a magician" bit was going to lead up to a cameo by Zatara. I had no idea it was going to be Jerome's way of stealing the show. Also, the whole "infectious behavior" concept, didn't they already play an angle like that at the end of the Red Hood episode?

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Also, this is the only episode so far wear Barbara seemed the least bit like Harley Quinn, and that was only because she played the part of "Joker's" assistant. On the whole, she seems like the Catwoman to Jim's Batman.

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  • Bruce and Alfred are some horny mo*&&^ckers.
  • The whole episode was awesome except that little bit at the end with random people going on killing spree (that didn't work for me), but I'm glad they closed with The Penguin. He's the best villain on the show.
  • Bruce going back for Alfred. Had me going there for a bit and I was thinking "what a dick" for leaving Alfred behind.
  • If they killed Jerome for good, they dropped the ball. But I trust these writers know what they're doing (like over at the Flash and Arrow show).
  • DC rules television right now. Amazing shows.
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While Jerome was the best character, killing him off makes perfect sense to keep the Joker back-story shrouded in mystery. One can argue they did it too soon, (And I would) but Jerome inspiring copy-cats is not "silly". That kind of thing happens in real life. (Copy-cat killers and such) and it's not like all of Gotham became that way, only the small handful they decided to focus on at the end. The way I view this show, the city of Gotham is the "main character" so to speak. It's the story of how Gotham got like it is, and will need a Batman someday. Also wish we'd seen a little bit of Nygma. All in all, not sure I agree with the details of the review, but 4 stars is also the grade I'd give this episode. I do feel like they lost some opportunities, but it was still a good watch.

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I kind of get that Jerome needed to get off the show (way to domineering a presence to keep as a constant character on the show) but still would've like for it to be a little more ambiguous as to whether he was dead or will be the joker

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@koays: Well, in the Joker's first appearance way back in 1940, he was taken a morgue thought to be dead but then in the next panel, was gone from the mortuary. I guess one can suppose that happens? Maybe he'll be back in a future episode?

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Loved it! Jerome + Blue gas = A Joker somewhere

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I'm going to miss the Joker but I guess their going with the whole Joker is multiple people angle.

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Shouldn't have killed off Jerome.. How can you perfectly formulate the Joker and suddenly say UPT! That's NOT the Joker folks? They should have milked him longer this kid made an AMAZING Joker and really pumped new life into the show.

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Hugely disappointing. Jerome raised the level of a quite mediocre show and provided us with the kind of villain we have been waiting for the whole series.

The penguin has not quite lived up to his promise and Nigma's developing alter ego is leaning more towards amoral frat boy than the intellectual mastermind of his comic counterpart.

With only Theo Galavan left my enthusiasm for the rest of the season has nosedived.

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Jerome dying made the show 100% better. Isn't this the reason we love GoT?

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@_nox_: Now get rid of snotty Bruce and I'm good hehe

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I actually like him in this episode. He reminds me of Damian a lot except less witty.

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It's mentioned by Alfred in the comics how Batman was arrogant as hell as a child. At least they're staying try true to that.

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@_nox_: Sure, still don't like it hehe

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@kritikalmassx: Be greatful you didn't see Raw it sucked.

I saw reviews regarding this week's Raw and I take your word for it.