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@lubub55: Great thread! But videos don't work in spoilers, so some of this Is broken.

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@lubub55: I'll see if I can get you some scans from my copy of World of the Witcher.

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@devil_driver: Thanks. I got a copy of The World of The Witcher myself last week, and I was planning to add things from it to this RT.

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@lubub55 said:

@devil_driver: Thanks. I got a copy of The World of The Witcher myself last week, and I was planning to add things from it to this RT.

I'm a huge fan of the Witcher series, been playing from the start, I haven't checked the blood and wine dlc out yet though, I have it I just haven't had the time. When they announced that CD Projekt Red won game of the year I was incredibly happy for them, what they did from Witcher 2 to Witcher 3 I was blown away during my first play through, at points I had to stop playing and just stare at the scenery.

The first time I went riding through Skellige on my horse, I remember going through this meadow, the wind picked up and the trees were blowing and then the fields of ard skellig started playing and I was just absolutely stunned by the beauty of it.

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@lubub55: Here are some scans to get started with.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8Gallery image 9Gallery image 10

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7

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@lubub55: I guess you can add Time of Contempt feat where he kills all the squirrel tails.

She did not strike.

There was no black helmet, no raptor’s wings, whose whistling had tormented her in her nightmares. There was no black knight of Cintra. There was a pale, dark-haired young man with stupefyingly blue eyes and a mouth distorted in a grimace of fear, kneeling in a pool of blood. The black knight of Cintra had fallen beneath the blows of her sword, had ceased to exist. Only hacked-up feathers remained of the forbidding wings. The terrified, cowering young man bleeding profusely was no one. She did not know him; she had never seen him before. He meant nothing to her. She wasn’t afraid of him, nor did she hate him. And neither did she want to kill him.

She threw her sword onto the ground.

She turned around, hearing the cries of the Scoia’tael approaching fast from Garstang. She knew that in a moment they would trap her in the courtyard. She knew they would catch up with her on the road. She had to be quicker than them. She ran over to the black horse, which was clattering its horseshoes on the paved ground, and urged it into a gallop with a cry, leaping into the saddle in full flight.

‘Leave me . . .’ groaned Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach, pushing away the elves who were trying to lift him up with his good hand. ‘I’m fine. It’s just a scratch . . . After her. Get the girl . . .’

One of the elves screamed, and blood spurted into Cahir’s face. Another Scoia’tael reeled and fell to his knees, his fingers clutching his mutilated belly. The remaining elves leapt back and scattered all around the courtyard, swords flashing.

They had been attacked by a white-haired fiend, who had fallen on them from a wall, from a height that would have broken a normal man’s legs. It ought to have been impossible to land gently, whirl in an impossibly fast pirouette, and a split second later begin killing. But the white-haired fiend had done it. And the killing had begun.

The Scoia’tael fought fiercely. They had the advantage, but they had no chance. A massacre was played out before Cahir’s eyes, wide with terror. The fair-haired girl, who had wounded him a moment earlier, had been fast, had been unbelievably lithe, had been like a mother cat defending her kittens. But the white-haired fiend who had fallen amongst the Scoia’tael was like a Zerrikan tiger. The fair-haired maid of Cintra, who for some unknown reason had not killed him, seemed insane. The white-haired fiend was not insane. He was calm and cold. And killed calmly and coldly.

The Scoia’tael had no chance. Their corpses piled up on the slabs of the courtyard. But they did not yield. Even when only two of them remained, they did not run away, but attacked the white-haired fiend once more. The fiend hacked off the arm of one of them above the elbow as Cahir watched. He hit the other elf with an apparently light, casual blow, which nonetheless threw him backwards. It tipped him over the lip of the fountain and hurled him into the water. The water brimmed over the edge of the basin in ripples of crimson.

The elf with the severed arm knelt by the fountain, staring vacantly at the blood gushing from the stump. The white-haired fiend seized him by the hair and cut his throat with a rapid slash of his sword.

When Cahir opened his eyes the fiend was standing over him.

‘Don’t kill me . . .’ he whispered, giving up his efforts to rise from the ground, now slippery with blood. His hand, slashed by the fair-haired girl, had gone numb and did not hurt.

‘I know who you are, Nilfgaardian,’ said the white-haired fiend, kicking the helmet with the hacked-up wings. ‘You have been pursuing her doggedly and long. But now you will harm her no more.’

‘Don’t kill me . . .’

‘Give me one reason. Just one. Make haste.’

‘It was I . . .’ whispered Cahir. ‘It was I who got her out of Cintra. From the fire . . . I rescued her. I saved her life . . .’

When he opened his eyes, the fiend was no longer there. Cahir was alone in the courtyard with the bodies of the elves. The water in the fountain soughed, spilling over the edge of the basin, washing away the blood on the ground. Cahir fainted.

At the foot of the tower stood a building which seemed to be a single, large hall, or perhaps some kind of peristyle. The roof over the peristyle, probably illusory, was full of holes. It was supported by columns and pilasters carved in the shape of scantily clad caryatids with generous breasts. The same kinds of caryatids supported the arch of the entrance through which Ciri had vanished. Beyond the doorway, Geralt noticed some steps leading upwards. Towards the tower.

The Witcher cursed under his breath. He did not understand why she had fled there. He had seen her horse fall as he rushed after her along the tops of the walls. He saw her leap nimbly to her feet, but instead of running along the winding road encircling the peak, she had suddenly rushed uphill, towards the solitary tower. Only later did he notice the elves on the road. Those elves – busy shooting arrows at some men running uphill – saw neither Ciri nor himself. Reinforcements were arriving from Aretuza.

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@slimj87d: At some point I will be making a completely new Respect Thread for Geralt with loads more feats and better formatting.

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Geralt of Rivia

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What is a witcher?

"Lesser, greater, middling, it's all the same. Proportions are negotiated, boundaries blurred. I'm not a pious hermit, I haven't done only good in my life. But if I'm to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all."

- Geralt of Rivia, The Lesser Evil

Geralt is a witcher. A superhuman mutant monster slayer for hire. Shortly after his birth, Geralt was taken by his mother to Kaer Morhen, a witcher stronghold and The School of the Wolf. Whilst there, he was trained almost exclusively to kill monsters, practicing his swordsmanship skills and learning about monsters. I may add more to this at a later date. (This Respect Thread will contain spoilers for The Witcher games and novels. You have been warned.)


Witcher medallion - Shaped like a wolf's head. It shakes when in the presence of monsters or magic.

Swords - Witchers carry two swords with them, one made of steel and the other made of silver.

Steel sword - Used to kill humans. In Baptism of Fire, Geralt receives a Mahakaman made sword from Zoltan Chivay, which is inscribed with Dwarven runes which translate to "Death to Motherfuckers". In the novels, steel swords are really iron swords and they can kill most monsters, with only a few exceptions.

Silver sword - Used to kill monsters. In the novels, steel/iron swords are capable of killing most monsters, but there are a few where silver is required to kill them such as Lycanthropes.

Dagger: Geralt always carries a dagger with him as a backup weapon.

Potions: Due to their enhanced immune systems, witchers can take large doses of potions which would be lethal if consumed in even small doses by regular humans.



Axii- A form of mind control. Makes targets susceptible to suggestion. Does not work on exceptionally strong willed opponents.

Aard- A telekinetic blast which knocks opponents back.

Quen- A magical shield which protects Geralt from harm.

Yrden- A magical trap which stops/slows down things near it.

Igni- A gust of flames which Geralt can shoot from his hands.

Heliotrope - A barrier which partially protects Geralt from physical and magical harm.






Combat Speed


Movement/General Speed

Fast Opponents



General Strength

Striking Power



Pain Tolerance





Skilled Opponents

Physically Superior Opponents

Witcher Training





My other Respect Threads

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I'll just leave this here:

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@lubub55: Great respect thread, but you should add his feats from blood and wine to his speed feats, i mean geralt could fight, and react to and beated dettlaff, and dettlaff was copletly unable to blitz him, and dettlaff have insane speed, ( he is faster than bullets).