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You face Grievous and two Magnaguards in a warehouse 50m apart but you get some help.

You receive the Bat suit and all its equipment and are trained by Batman (from the Dark Knight) for three month. You also have the Iron Man repulsors but they have to recharge for 2 minutes every time you use them.

Finally, you can use this link and if you get a character they will help you and if you get an item then you may use it.


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Good luck and comment below if you defeated him

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I got James Zolomon guy. Is he strong? If not I lose hard.

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Scorcher solos while I watch.

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I got : Alena Cochran is a visual effects compositor and artist. She works for Go Blue VFX.

I suppose I get rekt

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Can I just get a gun?

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The link gave me the entire state of California.


I think the combined force of 39 million people, at least a portion of which are armed, would be enough to wear down Grievous and his Magnaguards with sheer concentration of bodies. Plus I'm sure there are some military bases with RPGs, missiles, tanks, jets, etc in California I can mobilize.

I'll sit back and watch the carnage. I figure he'll start to slow down after the first few hundred thousand or so. Then I'll start taking shots at him with Ironman's repulsors while he's busy mowing through 50 guys a second.

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I got Peter (actor.)

I lose.