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You're causally walking on the sidewalk. You see **** standing by a tree. You give a nice genuine smile and say "Hey ****, how are ya?" and continue walking. What do they do/react?


Dr Doom




Lex Luthor




Black Adam


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They do nothing and keep it moving, I don't care how villainess they are.....I have no problem throwing hands.

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Most will be reasonably polite back, or do nothing.

Only a few of them might actually give a proactive negative reaction - like Darkseid. Depending on the writer of course.

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Most of them nothing, they dont really care about normies.

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Thanos says your wretched life will now end.

Darkseid will say bow before the new gods petty human

Doom says umm.. nothing perhaps

Loki says I will free you from freedom

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Wouldnt they kill you if you say hi to them?

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I'd use my skills as an expert martial artist and master tactician to destroy them 1 on 1.

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What the better question is, what would I do if they said "Hi" to me........

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Dr Doom probably calls you some kind of insect that shouldn't speak to a god.

Loki turns you into an unpleasant animal.

Thanos-plucks you into red splatter.

Magneto- asks you what you have done for the mutant cause.

Lex Luthor- ignores you.

Darkseid- has a minion eat you.

Joker- spray acid in your face.

Bane- breaks your back

Black Adam- you die like everything else struck by lightening.