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Posted by Dernman (26043 posts) 1 year, 3 months ago

Poll: You can only keep one. Elongated Man or Plastic Man. (33 votes)

Elongated Man 24%
Plastic Man 76%

If you had to choose which one. Who would you keep?

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#1 Posted by deactivated-5a90ca82ccb5f (6669 posts) - - Show Bio

Pretty sure Plastic Man has actually done interesting stuff.

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#2 Posted by MainJP (6206 posts) - - Show Bio

Who is Elongated Man?

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#3 Posted by Darthjhawk (5588 posts) - - Show Bio

My only real comic book exposure outside of the JLU tv. show to Elongated Man is Identity Crisis. Great story but incredibly sad. Meanwhile I've been reading alot of JLA and Injustice and I love Plastic Man. So if I had to choose gotta go with O'Brian

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#4 Posted by ms__omega (5269 posts) - - Show Bio

Plastic Man

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#6 Posted by Tomkatie (3374 posts) - - Show Bio

Plas is way more fun

Sorry Ralph

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#7 Posted by cosmicallyaware1 (7308 posts) - - Show Bio

Eel O'Brian. (that's Plas for those that don't know)

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#8 Posted by Gokluma (8799 posts) - - Show Bio

Plastic man is the man who needs to be back!

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#9 Posted by mrmonster (15605 posts) - - Show Bio

Elongated man, but only because of The Flash TV show.

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#10 Posted by CyborgZod (954 posts) - - Show Bio

Stretchy superheros are always kind of a joke. One of the worst powers to have.

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#11 Posted by MasterSkywalker (3609 posts) - - Show Bio

Eel o Brian ftw.

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#12 Posted by Fabricolage (1968 posts) - - Show Bio

Plastic Man for the comedy and being a cool person to hang around.

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#13 Posted by Major_Hellstrom (17939 posts) - - Show Bio

No contest. RIP Elongated Man.

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#14 Posted by ProteusXManRxis (4446 posts) - - Show Bio

Plastic Man.

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#15 Posted by IceDemonKing (9998 posts) - - Show Bio

The Sarcastic Bombastic PLASTIC MAN

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#16 Posted by just_sayin (3468 posts) - - Show Bio

Elongated Man.

Plastic Man is just there for comedic relief. In a fight Plastic Man can be stopped by a simple can of Acetone.

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#17 Posted by deactivated-5b2dd32201ad6 (2795 posts) - - Show Bio

C'mon, Ed Boon! Give us Plastic Man in Injustice 2!

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#18 Posted by Amnesiak (3665 posts) - - Show Bio

Plastic Man is the man

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#19 Posted by StormShadow_X (16772 posts) - - Show Bio

Plas, though I do like the idea of a detective with stretch powers. Though he doesn't bring much to the table

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#20 Posted by Riddlersriddle (3439 posts) - - Show Bio

I've gotta go with Elongated Man, that's only because I need to read more on Plastic Man though

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#21 Posted by kiba (3740 posts) - - Show Bio

Ralph, he at least has a pair of pants.

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#22 Edited by MAZAHS117 (12743 posts) - - Show Bio

Plastic Man

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#23 Posted by Revan- (7959 posts) - - Show Bio

Both suck.

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#24 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (18062 posts) - - Show Bio

Plastic Man even though i really like Ralph