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#51 Posted by CitizenSurfer (2640 posts) - - Show Bio

This feels like a huge leap in the established narrative of the X-Men universe. They've kept things earth related for over a decade, now all of a sudden we get a full blown intergalactic empire and aliens. Just seems jarring IMO.

This. DCEU & FOX are trying to keep up with the MCU. (Logan is still my favourite CBM mind you).

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#52 Posted by Ryagan (5193 posts) - - Show Bio

I think I've just accepted that this movie is going to be a total train wreck. I'll still go to see it because I love the X-Men, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be a disaster.

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#53 Posted by kgb725 (19224 posts) - - Show Bio

@lvenger: @adamtrmm: Kallark looks nothing like superman or acts like him though and him being the "protector" of his people will be enough for general audiences

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Red caped, heat vision spamming, indestructible flying strongman? Nothing like Supes. :)

Of course characterization (if done correctly) and haircut (lol) are different (I'm not convinced they'll go for purple skin after the Apocalypse disaster), but his image generally scream Superman and his name is Kallark like KAL and cLARK combined. Of course that's something that only the geeks will know, but still.

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@adamtrmm: They can just call him Gladiator alter his costume to be less like supervision and if the powers are the same people won't pick up on the superman knock off too much.

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That's the strength and icon of Superman's image, no matter what kind of flying brick with a cape there will be, he'll always scream a Superman ripoff lol But that's not the problem, if you ask me, they can call him Kallark, make him spam heat vision more times than MoS did with the same visual effect and rock the red cape with the iconic Superman posturing (like he was in TAS). The real question is, CAN they?

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@adamtrmm: No they cannot casual viewers would actually think it's superman. Actually that would be amazing if Fox basically screwed the DCEU over by making gladiator as close to superman as possible and then have him do really stupid stuff or be a villain and destroy cities and snap people's neck.