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Posted by Pipxeroth (9367 posts) 5 years, 4 months ago

Poll: Would you rather have Fire or Ice powers? (216 votes)

Fire 31%
Ice 69%

Pyro or Cyro.

If you could have control over one of these, which would you choose?

Leave some reasoning as well :3

Personally I would like to be an Ice user. I would be able to tank some heavy damage with ice shields, I can slow people down (to be fair people would probably slow if they were lit up like a candle), and I can take out people without actually hurting them.

I have a bad feeling that this has been done but I can't find it, i'm hoping not.


- Pip

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#151 Posted by RaptusNebula (80 posts) - - Show Bio

freezing people would kill them faster than burning them

you get more environmental temperature immunity as you'd be able to survive extreme cold environments like the arctic or deep below the ocean and be able to generate cold in deserts

for fire, releasing fire in the arctic will just melt the ice around you and cause you to fall down to a freezing death, the only upside of fire's environmental temperature immunity would be if you were in a volcano or something

ice has ice constructs which you can use for defence

fire would probably also burn your clothes off

fire can easily cause unwanted destruction

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#152 Posted by TheOneWhoPullsTheStrings (2746 posts) - - Show Bio

Iceman and Captain Cold have pretty sweet versatility with their powers. You can make ice constructs (weapons, armor, barriers), ice physiology, freezing effects/heat-steal on targets. Their are a lot of applications.

Fire is pretty destructive. Applications are mostly centered around burning things. Flight is probably the greatest advantage, but not impressive enough to convince me it's better than ice.

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#153 Posted by the_stegman (40312 posts) - - Show Bio

I may change my answer to fire. Am I also immune to the element I choose?

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#154 Posted by Doom_Phd (1589 posts) - - Show Bio

Absolute Zero

That’s why I chose ice

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#155 Edited by kgb725 (19551 posts) - - Show Bio

@raptusnebula: Wouldnt need to release fire in the arctic you'd be naturally warm

The offense of fire would be your defense

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#156 Edited by Magian (152057 posts) - - Show Bio

Ice powers for me.

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#157 Posted by Supermanthor (21407 posts) - - Show Bio

Ice powers

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#158 Edited by Dogzee (528 posts) - - Show Bio

Both are the most basic and lame powers but only a fool would pick fire. It has zero applications to everyday life, not diverse at all, you just cause destruction both to your clothes and environment around you. People only prefer it because they have a childlike mentality of "OUU FLASHY N COLORFUL"

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#159 Posted by Darkthunder (3172 posts) - - Show Bio

Ice. More useful. Especially to iceman level. You know create frost giants lol. Create ice rinks. And many more

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#160 Posted by DESPERO_Z_AMAZO (398 posts) - - Show Bio
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#161 Posted by TheOneAboveLife (1189 posts) - - Show Bio
No Caption Provided

Why not both? My boy T from My Hero Academia will tell you.

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#162 Edited by RikuYamaha (1527 posts) - - Show Bio
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#163 Posted by Galactic_1000 (5851 posts) - - Show Bio