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Posted by CCThor (883 posts) 3 months, 15 days ago

Poll: Would you become a hater of your favo hero if he kills some innocent people for saving another more people? (32 votes)

Yes. 3%
No. 66%
Depends. 31%
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That sounds exactly like something my favorite hero would do.

Edit: Not MCU Thanos tho completely different situation

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No. My favorite hero could turn evil and they'd still be my favorite

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Depends, Superman is my favorite Superhero, but when he killed Zod i was fine with it, made complete sense, but people got butthurt about it and i'm like WHO CARES!?? He had no other option. imo a hero who kills is more realistic but just how its done is what matters.

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Gokai Red being a pirate I could see do that.

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I could see bigby living with it for the sake of his family

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If there is a clear cut another way to save all the people but yet he chooses to kill less people to save more people just because he was lazy or didn't even think it through resulting in death of both less and more people then hell yeah.If there's no other way then I would understand.

But killing a villain because there might be chance that he might kill more people in future does not come under this category.

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I'd probably like them less.

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It's all about the execution

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Nah, it'd be sad to hate fictional characters.

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I`d be fine with that.

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Hulk killed entire towns before they retconned it so no

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The incursions storyline in Hickman's Avengers basically answers the question.

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Depends. But if there's no other way, then no.

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Nope and my favorite hero is Ozymandias from "Watchmen"

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I’d be more angry with the writer than the character.

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If there was really no other way, if it absolutely had to be done, then I suppose I would be ok with it.

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Impossible (for me) to answer without it.

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I'd like them just a little more.

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So Martian Manhunter...he'll still be my favorite character.

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No I'd aspire to be like them.

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No but I'd be angry with that particular story. I.E. Man of Steel

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No...MOS superman did it and I loved him more than ever especially over the awful Reeve version...

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Batman is forever the homie

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My favorite hero is Victor Von Doom, serious. Jokes on you.