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Let's say robbie appeared at the donut ship in infinity war. How would things change?

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The events would obviously be different but it doesn't change the outcome. The movie was written such that Thanos will win and the end narrative would stay that way.

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Well even when straying from the cheap, lazy, and dumb "even if toaa was there nothing would have changed cause what happened is what the plot demanded" route, the outcome would've been the same.

Robbie is pretty powerful, but not to the point where he can be a legitimate threat to Thanos, who boxed Hulk out of the movie. Robbie's powers are more esoteric in nature, interact with ghosts, travel thru dimensions, light stuff on fire (maybe not that esoteric lol). And in that department he stills fall awfully short when compared to Strange, who was the only legitimate threat to Thanos during that fight.

ofc he could've restrained Quill, but that's something every other character could've also done, so its a weightless answer too.

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The real answer? legitimized AoS, and added a an awesome flaming element to the fight.

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Not really. If he could use the penance stare, then he would have been a great ally for the Avengers and he would have been contacted by Dr Strange. He hasn't shown he can fight people in the level of Hulk yet, nevermind Thanos with the gauntlet. Though, it would be a perfect moment to introduce him in the movies in Avengers 4, because he has to seek vengeance for the trillions of souls that were stollen.