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Would someone with superhuman reflexes constantly view the world in slow motion when compared to a normal person?

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Not necessarily. Reflexes refer to how quickly you can react to something, while perception is how quickly you view everything. Having superfast reflexes all the time wouldn't make you see everything in slow motion all the time, but superfast perception all the time would. Think Quicksilver. He always views the everything in slow motion due to him always having his enhanced perception on. So he needs to constantly force himself turn it off.

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No. They would have to speed up their perception

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Reflex=/=perception speed.

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Super speed? Yes

Heightened reflexes? No

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Reflex speed is determined by how fast your brain signals your nerves. Human beings nerve signals are something like 100m/s or something IIRC. Your nerve signals could be at 400m/s for all it would matter but your perception speed wouldn't be changed by your reflex's speed, so no, not necessarily. Someone with super speed would, though.