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Arya probably has a much better chance than John does imo, just looking at how much more she uses her light frame to capitalize on being as agile as possible. In terms of natural born ability, John isn’t really that special, and we’ve never seen how he performs at a very young age like we’ve seen from Arya.

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Dont know honestly. Arya has better chance, John never impressed me but I'm not sure.

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Ryan without a doubt given she already has trained better them this

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I dont think it would kill them. They just wouldnt be able to do it.

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Either if started at a similar age. John gets alot of grief but his main hold back is his mental and emotional conflict. He is plenty fast and strong to be a lukewarm witcher.

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I'm pretty sure only boys can endure the process of Trials of the Grasses.

EDIT: oh without the Trials, Arya would have a better chance.