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Tom Hiddleston is a classically trained actor, but do you think that he'll be typecast as Loki because the Avengers movie is so popular and he was relatively unknown before it came out?

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I hope not, but it's just credit to the fact he plays Loki so well. I think he can escape being only seen as an angsty villain, I can easily imagine him in a completely different role. Chris Hemsworth was pretty unknown too... but he doesn't have as many fangirls as Loki I don't think haha.

My name is Jade too :-)

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If he does get typecast, he can't say he didn't see it coming.

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yeah he did War Horse I think so no, I don't think he will be that much typecasted. Maybe a bit, but he's a great actor, he can swimm out of it

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I doubt it, he seems pretty versatile.

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I think he might've been for a short amount of time, but he's a very good actor so there's still plenty of roles for him that he can do.

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He's a brilliant and versatile actor, I doubt he'll be typecast.

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I don't see how he will be typecasted because I haven't seen much of him outside of the Marvel movies. But I doubt he will play again the "evil genius masterminded coveted by all the fangirls despite he being the main villain" character in his other movies.

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Probably not, since I don't know who the hell he is.