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Do you guys think sony will buy any heroes that marvel doesn't currently have plans for? It makes sense to me because Sony is planning on making a big spiderman universe in the franchise (making venom and sinister 6 spin offs) But those are villains...what about the heroes? The only 2 i can think of that Sony already owns is Black Cat and The Prowler, and they can certainly be fit in The Amazing Spiderman franchise. But Someone I would really like to see in the Spiderman franchise is Luke Cage. I doubt marvel is making plans for a Luke Cage movie right now, so In my opinion he would be cool to see in a spiderman movie. The main reason I think sony might do this is because they are planning to have spidey fight the Sinister Six eventualy. He's gonna need some help. Who do you guys think will help him out? Also who else would be a good fit in the spiderman franchise that Sony doesn't own?

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No. Marvel wants their heroes back not the opposite. Also Luke Cage is apart of the Defenders series Marvel will be hosting on Netflix.

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Shocker kraven and kingpin are a few I would like to see but aren't very likely

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Sony's best hope to get more heroes/villains is to make some sort of deal with Disney for Spidey's use in the Avengers.

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@arturocalakayvee: i know and i would way rather have it the other way around, but they could make some sort of deal

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@sromero78: Marvel already have a Luke Cage show planned.

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Daredevil needs to get outta Marvel RIGHT NOW! Punisher too...they're too dark for Disney, if Disney even tried they'd probably butcher them and make some silly crap!