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No way. They cannot really amp her in movie. They would ruin entire MCU.

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@dianaallmighty: Who knows she's maybe going to be like Dceu Superman compared to the avengers

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Haha no. If she's anywhere near FOX WS she'd destroy anything and everyone in the MCU.

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in travel Speed yeah

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hopefully not

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Highly highly unlikely and doubtful

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Am I missing something? How are we suppose to make predictions regarding her speed? From whats been alluded to regarding her power I wouldn't be surprised but who knows.

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They already said she can move planets so why not?

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Travel speed, maybe

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Highly unlikely.

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Doubtful, but tbh seeing her being massively hypersonic in comparison to the other avengers would be interesting. Would be a good way for the old avengers to finally get speed feats

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These speculative threads are worthless.