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Considering the crazy, massive AOE 'flash freezing' feats she was casually pulling off in the first movie, I find it particularly odd that she can't freeze a mere tsunami. I kinda guess they would have to nerf her down for the plot to work.

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well her biggest massive flash freeze happened when she wasn't 100% in control of her powers right? when she froze the lake and did the eternal winter she was emotional and wasn't in control?

im asking because i haven't seen the movie in years but thats what i remember. When she's in control/not emotional she doesn't have the feats to say she could stop a Tsunami

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She'll be freezing those waves by the end.

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Nah man, she's gonna get a massive amp and form the Arendelle Avengers with people with other elemental powers

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Elsa just has to Let it go

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If this movie doesn’t end with an after credit scene of another Disney Princess telling Elsa the universe is a lot bigger and they start to form the Princess Avengers I’m out...

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Elsa's powers are pretty unpredictable. For all the raw power she has she was still being beaten by a bunch of normal guys with crossbows because she lacks any real control. Her powers are also extremely dependent on her emotional state.

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You can't really tell from just that one scene.

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Lol seeing guys on here watching Frozen and talking about feats and if she will be nerfed lmao