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I mean, mid-low high tier characters who could survive this bomb.

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A lot of Naruto, Bleach, and NNT characters.

Saitama and probably Boros/Garou.

Some One Piece and Fairy Tail top tiers.

CW Supergirl.

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We're just talking the blast right and not the radiation? If that's the case some Naruto top tiers and the god tiers especially can, Bijuudama are a lot stronger than nukes considering they vaporize mountains. Iron Man would survive it easily as well. Most characters on their level would barring some exceptions. Early DBZ characters also tank it with no difficulty.

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Tsar Bomba's cloud itself is 63 kilometers high and around 40 kilometers wide.

The overall blast radius is also massive and even scarier is the fact that you could see the fireball from 600 miles away.

I think such a bomb could vaporise multiple mountains at once.

It could've destroyed ALL of Paris easily and it broke window panes around 900 kilometers away.

I doubt mountain tiers can tank it.

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@richubs: Tsar Bomba also clocked in at around 50 megatons(all the Russian and former Soviet sources state this value while the AEC's is a bit higher) while the Mt. St. Helens eruption clocked in at 24 megatons. St. Helens has a massive hole in the top of it now but it's still a mountain, Tsar Bomba isn't going to be "vaporizing multiple mountains at once." And even if it could, it doesn't matter, as even the weakest of the Bijuudama in the series is capable of that. A lot of the destructiveness shoots up into the atmosphere, hence the massive mushroom cloud. It's one of the three main reasons Soviet designers abandoned the idea of it. Castle Bravo could destroy all of Paris too and it's less than half the yield of Tsar Bomba.

Sorry for the paragraph, my inner weapons nerd came out a bit lol. And nobody I mentioned is "just mountain tier" anyway.

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@fullmetalemprah: You said it yourself, a lot of destructiveness shoots up into the atmosphere. If it hits nyone directly they're gonna feel that.

Idk about anyone you mentioned I just said I doubt a mountain tier is surviving Tsar.