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I'm so excited by the opportunity to plug The Steam World Chronicles with only two days to go!

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Why? Because there is something a little heartbreaking about watching the dollar numbers tick up while and the days tick down whenever a Kickstarter Project is posted. I'm one of those guys that wants everyone to win -- not in a "Everyone in Little League gets to take home a participation trophy" kind of way, but more in that I know what it is like to be a creator with one's fingers crossed, hoping that the publisher or producer or editor or agent or audience responds to the pitch or the spec or finished the project! It is nerve wracking, you put your heart and soul into the project and you're just waiting for someone else in the position to make it happen (make it a success) is deciding whether or not your dream is going to be embraced by a grateful nation. (You know what I mean!)

So imagine my joy when longtime comic book aficionado Mike Scigliano alerted me to his new project, THE STEAMWORLD CHRONICLES! Along with his co-writer Steven Hoveke and artist Ben Risbeck, they have launched a project they describe as a steampunk-styled adventure set in the retro future of an alternate America.

Even if I wasn't already excited by the idea (I'll say it proud -- comic books need more steampunk!), I am even more excited that they have already reached their goal! That's right, we're already betting on a winner here, folks!

So why leap on a horse that has already left the fire station (?!)... because as Mike explained to me "We have strech goals. if we hit a certain number than everyone gets a copy of the ashcan we made." (See, what a nice guy! It isn't enough that he's going to be able to get his project into the hands of 221 backers who have already shown their support -- he wants to be able to toss them an ashcan to boot. As anyone who has been attending the Long Beach Comic Con knows, Mike is one of the sweetest most comic book-loving guys in the industry. I couldn't be happier for this opportunity to support him!)

If you notice, I'm not talking about he merit of the material itself -- that's what this link is for: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shoveke/the-steamworld-chronicles-the-constantine-quest-pt

I'm just here to call attention to some of the many cool projects that Kickstarter and some of the other crowd-sourcing websites are presenting to fans of all different types of genres and formats!

So check out the already successful Steamworld Chronicles -- no pressure!

(See what I did?! Steam? No pressure! Haw haw!)

Scott Lobdell is a comic writer and sometime contributor of ComicVine who is too frightened to dip his toe into the world of Kickstarter himself... so he publicizes everyone else's projects! The internet is a big place and I can't be everywhere! If you have (or know of) a Kickstarter project that you think needs a spotlight, please send a link toLobdellDC@gmail.com!) and I'll try to feature it in a coming article!

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IDK, I dont hate steampunk, but if I did have the money I would pick it up...

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ripping off so many greats things and yet it doesnt look midly interesting. pass.

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@theTimeStreamer:If you like it don't post

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@dondave: I'm fairly sure that dissent is an integral part of discussion. Unless one favors one way conversations.

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@dondave said:

@theTimeStreamer:If you like it don't post

Don't waste your time, this guy doesn't like anything.

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@Jonny_Anonymous: thank you for keeping tabs on me

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Kickstarter is such a great website. I really need to contribute to one of these projects soon. I always want to then forget to do it.

And yay Scott has done another article :D

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@Mucklefluga: Yeah, I've backed 36 projects and I only started in August of this year so I'm gonna have to hold off, unfortunately.

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Probably not what I should take away from this article, but how awesome is that Scott Lobdell is a contributer to Comic Vine? That's kind of cool.

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Oh wait, not the guy was thinking of. Carry on.

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Is it just me or does this guy looked stoned?

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@SSJLuffy If I could land a job just working in the comics industry I'd be high too lol
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@WaveMotionCannon: There's nothing wrong with that, lol... I was just wondering if I'm the only person that thinks he looks stoned.

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@SSJLuffy He does looked smacked lol. Maybe it helps his creative process.
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kickstarter is neat.

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Another great one! I see Kickstarter projects like this all the time that I wanna back and this looks GREAT

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Scott Lobdell! I didn't realize you do post news on this site. Very cool! :)

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@Scott_Lobdell: Cool, I might look into it.

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I would if I didn't have 5 pending Kickstarter projects right now. Once one of those is completed fully I will look at others. I don't want too many unfinished projects out there.