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And I haven't even seen it. However, "The Shape of Water" won last year, so apparently, anything can be considered the "Best Picture" :) Let's nominate a "Fast and Furious" picture.

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I loved Black Panther, but was it the best picture of the year? No.

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Of course anything can be up for best picture. Bp won't be. There were better movies.

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The Oscars have always been a joke and a political fart sniffing contest. I would be surprised if BP didnt win an Oscar.

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The Oscars don't matter. It is just a bunch of pretentious old people who pat themselves on the back and congratulate each other for being severely overpaid and over glorified entertainers and the only reason Black Panther is up is because the people behind the Oscars have been getting accused of racism recently and their viewership has been steadily decreasing because they shun the fun popcorn flicks the general audience like. Nominating Black Panther gets rid of the racism allegations and gets the attention of a wider, younger audience who normally don't care about the Oscars.