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Is it just me or have the quality of DC Rebirth books as a whole really gone south. While I normally love DC’s stories, they have for the majority of the time felt very boring and lacking as a whole not including very few books. A lot of the stories feel bland or poorly written, not something that DC comics is known for. The only good material I have seen recently are Green Lantern Corps, Aquaman, Doomsday Clock And The Terrifics books. I have no idea if I’m seeing this is a wrong light or if DC has been off its game. What do you think?

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They are kind of epic to me.

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Some books are stagnating... not sure why.

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Martian Manhunter, JL, JLO, and JLD are good as well imo. Shazam was off to a good start too.

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Superman was boring since the start of rebirth and the reboot was a bad idea from the start as marvel has never rebooted. All they had to do was make new interesting stories instead of rebooting the entire universe.

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Not bad but kinda meh

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I am not sure whether all of the things that happened after Rebirth have been generic/bad or not. But I am having a good time with 'Tec and Deathstroke right now.

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Unfocused fan service can be only effective so much.

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Lol hate to agree but the above is right. Sure some books are noticeably worst but it has the same quality

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All I know is that Snyder and Tynion's Justice League has been great and is still going strong.

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This and shit stuffs that's been pulled around Batman and some generic versions of JL.

Red Hood, Deathstroke, Supersons, Flash and Green Lantern are exceptions.

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Too many convoluted cosmic/multiversal storylines. It is easy to get lost in these types of stories. Also, very inconsistent art. I am tired of of the art changing every 5 pages or every other issue. It makes it so jarring to read

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@mister_surreal: Because Bendis sucks ass. Hate him so bad. Of all the people he got to write Superman. But overall its fine, not that bad.

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DC comics being milked so hard it got boring... nothing new tbh, same applies to Marvel but to a lesser extent since they didn't had dozens of reboots like DC.

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It's fine. Lots of good books. Trouble is 2 of the main characters have worse books now. King's Batman is nowhere near as good as Snyder's run in the New 52. And Bendis is undoing a ton of the great stuff Tomasi and Jurgens did with Superman. I was so sad to see Tomaasi go, he made Superman so cool. Now, the rest of the DC books I read are on par/even better than they were before. (Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Detective, etc..) Thing is Marvel is much better now than it was a year ago. Spencer's ASM much better than Slotts. Slott went to the FF and is doing alright there, much to my surprise and delight, (though The Terrifics is still a better FF than the FF) I hope Chip Zadursky (sp?) gets a shot at the FF, his Marvel 2 in 1 was good stuff.

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Flash has gotten a lot better, Aquaman is still great, Shazam and Martian Manhunter are super intriguing imo

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@mister_surreal: because green lantern corps best rebirth series(fight me if you think otherwise) ended and we didn't even get to see soranik sinestro reunite with sinestro.

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It's not bad, it's just not on the level as the beginning of Rebirth. This is highly due to editorial changes.

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Rebirth ended with the No Justice thing and then well it was a downhill decline after DKM. At this point I stopped reading DC and actually read non-big two imprints (mainly Image), indies, and X-Men. I didn't even finish the Tomasi & Gleason run on Superman because I knew Bendis was coming and didn't wanna waste my time lol

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It certainly has lost its momentum that’s for sure. A lot of books I started when it began I’ve slowly dropped over the months. I’m invested enough to see where this thing ends with Doomsday Clock which I have been enjoying, and seems to be where the “REBIRTH” era will end. Unless something drastic grabs my attention it’s looking like I might have to pack it in once Johns finishes that arc...whenever the Hell that is

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Bendis and Tom King and whoever wrote that WW Arc with Grail and Darkseid are killing the Big Three. At least JL is a blast

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Because a relaunch will always be a gimmick. It doesnt help when the people responsible for the N52 are still mucking things up. Then they add in more idiots like Bendis and Tom King. Until we go back to the original Post Crisis verse, scrap the mediocre writers and their ideas, put Didio and Lee on a leash and stop using Watchmen scapegoats Rebirth is just gonna get worse.

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Superman is the only title to me that is really noticeably worse.

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People out here really think Post Crisis will fix their problems lmao

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Convoluted continuity and inconsistent art. It's so jarring reading a book and the art style changes every other page. Further, the continuity is all over the shop. One thing is canon one day, the next it has been retconned. Rince and repeat. It is why I have stated swaying more to manga in recent years. Consistent art and you can simply jump onto to chapter 1 without being bogged down by decades worth of history and continuity changes