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So, I recently rewatched Age of Ultron and I'm just curious to know the cause of the amount of backlash that this movie received. You could make a good argument for any and all issues that the MCU movies have, but none of it would warrant you saying that the movie was terrible. Even the worst MCU movie (Thor: The Dark World) wasn't so poorly written that it would be considered terrible. Yet, Age of Ultron gets a metric ton a hate despite being a decent movie. It has it's flaws, sure, but there wasn't anything that made this movie bad per se. I simply don't understand where all of the negativity came from.

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I remember a teacher of mine once saying he didn't like AoU (or the MCU in general) because it wasn't comic accurate, so that's a reason for some.

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I don't specifically hate it, but it's not as tight a script as Avengers or the 2 movies before it, GotG and WS.

If it does get hate, its specifically comparative to the luxuries people have gotten out of the MCU. And it's dissection is enhanced greatly because it's not just another Thor movie, it's a freaking Avengers sequel. People wouldn't have been nearly as hard on The last Jedi if it was a Star Trek movie, but it was instead a sequel to the crown jewel of american cinema. To me AoU the second or third worst MCU movie, but still a good movie overall.

Never compare a Hanzo sword to a Hanzo sword, compare a Hanzo sword to every other sword ever made. It still blows away 60-75% of the other superhero movies all-time.

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Because it’s a generic film.

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I didn't hate it, it was just meh.

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To me it was kind of a rehash of the first movie. More of the same, and you can say that that same stuff was better this time, but it still seemed uninspired to me.

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I don't see a lot of hate for it. It does have good reviews and scores on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. It's hated on this site specifically? If so it could be because comic book fans don't like how different Ultron is from his comic book self. I personally really liked how Ultron was portrayed in the movie because he didn't have a typical evil AI or evil robot personality and came across as very human. In the movie it felt like he was Tony's evil son rather than an evil robot.

Age of Ultron is one of my favorite MCU movies and I believe it's one of the best MCU movies. It was way better than overrated Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2.

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@bandedessinee: comic Ultron is far more than a typical evil AI personality though, especially with the focus on his relationship with his “father” hank pym

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Because the trailers leading up to the film painted Ultron as this evil menacing villain and the intro to him in the film showed him with potential as a villain like when he killed jarvis. Seemingly very comic accurate and not crappy like 90% of mcu villians. But turned out goofy and not intimidating at all. Very disappointing.

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Mediocre movie with a terribly adapted initially good villain.

No hate, just disappointment. The special effects were sleek AH tho.

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I'm not really sure why it's so hated either. I actually thought it was pretty good. The only thing I can think of is that Ultron was clearly nerfed, but that's kinda the M.O. of the MCU (unless your name is Steve or Bucky).

Also, I personally don't know if Thor: The Dark World was the worst. Definitely bottom 3, but Cap: TFA might be worse to me.

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@green_tea: Yeah but he doesn't have an evil/twisted Tony Stark personality like MCU Ultron.

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People don't hate AOU, a few viners here and there saying the movie wasn't good doesn't mean that's the general consensus, the regular movie-goer liked the movie, at least the vast majority.

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Because the movie was marketed as a dark movie that will challenge the Avengers deeply but what we daw wasn't dark or particularly challenging. The jokes were a reason for why it didn't feel challenging because a city floating thousands of meters above a sky should feel catastrophic which I didn't feel because the heroes didn't.

A lot of jokes didn't land

The villian was nothing like everyone expected him to be. He didn't even get a good amount of screen time.

The movie overall offered nothing very new.

We could've had some interesting moments with Quicksilver but all we got was a meme.

The movie certainly isn't terrible. It's still watchable but it didn't reach the expectations at all and wasn't a very good movie evne if we did not have any expectations from it because sometimes a movie doesn't reach my expectations but when I watch it again after a few months I end up liking it which did not happen with Age Of Ultron.

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@adamtrmm said:

Mediocre movie with a terribly adapted initially good villain.

No hate, just disappointment. The special effects were sleek AH tho.

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@mister_surreal: because after the incredible unbelievable Hollywood changing lots of mouth shutting film called avengers . this was a not that kind of a sequel people waited for . that being said i love the movie

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I don’t hate it don’t why

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Because the movie was nothing like the trailers build-up.

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Who are these people? 7,4 in IMDB - pretty good for comic book movie. 75 percents critics tomatometer and 83 percents audience score. Box office - 1,4 bil.

It's not the best movie, not denying it, but you can see hatred only here by dceu fanboys and some comic geeks that would call everything "meh" as long as it's not 100 percents comic accurate.

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Hate is too strong. Disappointed? Yes.

Avengers was an excellent and ambitious entertainment movie. AoU was just a forgettable packed action movie.

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Because Joss destroyed black widow as a character (With the romance between her and Hulk)

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Honestly, it just didn't take the franchise to the next level.

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@magian said:

Honestly, it just didn't take the franchise to the next level.

Well, this pretty much. I enjoyed the first Avengers movie but the second one felt like a retread for the most part.

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Wasted potentials.

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The first film is very well received, so when the second fails to live up to that standard people begin to exaggerate their dislike of the film.

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They don't.

A decent bit of people think it was meh or okay. But most people thought it was good. Very few people actually hate it.

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Because it’s a generic film.

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It's been 3 years. Get over it.

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Was better than the first

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Personally I love it. Not as good as the 1st or 3rd, but still an enjoyable movie.

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Because the haters are feening to watch god bleed.

Any faults of the MCU becomes wildly exaggerated. It's been like that since Avengers 1 blew up and took the world by storm. It's insecurity.

The haters were so insecure after the success of A1 any flaw this film had was going to be a deal breaker. I remember even before the release of this film the haters was yelling "the hype is dead." That used to be a regular saying on comic sites. Back then dudes was literally praying Marvel would fall off. And by "dudes" I mean DC fanboys. They wanted that Avengers hype train STOPPED.

Am I saying AoU is a perfect film...no. But the hate when compared to really bad comic films is wildly exaggerated.

Also those haters obviously failed in their hate spam against the MCU. Fast forward time after A1 and Marvel just dropped a 2bil Avengers film and another is just a few months away in 2019. BP almost made much as A1. Marvel will have 5-6 films in the top ten highest grossing all time list after next year. AoU hate spam attempts failed.

Also lol at people acting like they don't remember the hate AoU got. It used to be like a DC fanboy hate orgy every time that movie was mentioned or had a thread.

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I don't really follow MCU, but I personally liked it. My aunt and my cousin liked it. My dad, brother, and sister liked. If it weren't for the internet I wouldn't have been aware such a negative reaction existed.

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It was a good movie, 5/10, 6/10!

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People hate it? I thought it was pretty good, 7/10.

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The title character.

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I personally didn't hate. I just think it could've been better.

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It wasn’t an Age of Ultron, it was Two Days of Ultron. Ultron was making jokes and acting goofy, nothing like he is in the comics. Even the dumb cartoons got Ultron right. Quicksilver was wasted too.

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It's bad by MCU standards, not by CBM standards.

Thor: The Dark World is boring, but at the end of the day it's still about as good as Man of Steel.

Age of Ultron had a joke of villain. The threat of Ultron didn't fit the scope of the Avengers. I felt like Ultron could have been the villain of an Iron Man solo film.

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I actually like AoU

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Too much Humor

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It's okayish film but i'm wondering why the director was shipping black widow with Hulk instead of betty ross came back for Bruce?

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It wasted its potential, and Ultron is the villain who doesn’t need nuance. He didn’t need any, and he never will. Joss turned him into his pet project and I don’t think it turned out. The whole floating city thing was also really odd to me...

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It was a little unremarkable, but not bad by any means.