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If you had to choose between Voldemort conquering the Earth, or MCU Loki, whose rule would you rather live under?

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loki cause i don't want to look at that ugly nose for the rest of my life lol.

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He was no threat at all in MCU so he'd be easy to dethrone.

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Loki. I have Hulk's number on speed dial.

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Loki since he wouldn't wipe out the entire human race.

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Loki would probably convert the world to a sort of Asgard-type state structure wise in terms of society. It would at least be somewhat novel to live under these conditions and better than the alternative imo.

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Well seeing as I am actually a wizard I would go for Voldemort.

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Voldemort slaughters muggles for fun. I'd go with Loki. Both are terrible though. Loki is actually pretty evil too.

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MCU Loki easily. He's a cupcake villain compared to Voldemort.