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Poll: Whose death scene was the most emotional? (SPOILERS!) (42 votes)

Nora 21%
Tony 62%
Gwen's 17%

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Stark followed by Nora

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Tony's death.

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It could be... "Confusion: A disoriented feeling; foggy thinking; chaos; lack of distinctness or clearness; perplexity; bewilderment; a disturbed mental state."

Out of everyone there (including asgardians like Thor and Valkyrie, enhanced like Wanda, or just incredibly powerful like Captain Marvel) why did Stark have to be the one? Was it to justify Dr. Strange not throwing Thanos in a time loop, or actually using the stone at all against Thanus in the previous movie, when could very have done?

Or possibly... "Helplessness: Being unable to help oneself; being without the aid or protection of another. Having little strength or personal power. A common emotion for those suffering from a “victim mentality”. Feeling unable to change oneʼs circumstances or state."

After all, there are times where, despite wanting to, I can't stop myself from watching The Flash.

Or maybe... "Failure: When one falls short of success or achievement in something expected, attempted, or desired; (e.g. The failure of a marriage or other relationship, being fired, bankruptcy, performing poorly in athletics, art, academics, etc.)."

Peter failed so hard I could feel the failure.

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Tony and Gwen were both excellent scenes, lol at Nora beating Gwen in the poll.

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Tony by a mile.

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Gwen's scene was not emotional. It was predictable and over exaggerated as hell.

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Black Widow

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Lol at Tony winning.

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I felt Nora's death the most. Partially because I knew Tony's death was coming and Gwen's was just plain bad.

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Actually Nora's death was the most emotional of all, I cried when I watched it the first time, even now after watching it again tear still dropped from my eyes, Tony's death was also emotional but not like Nora's own

Nora > Tony >>>>>>> Gwen

Gwen's death is overrated

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At first I was going to say Tony, but then I rewatched Nora's scene...

Nora by a good bit.

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The fact that Nora is beating Gwen is sad like Nora was cheap character who's death was predictable and cheesy