Who's Stronger, Tobey Spiderman or Tom Holland Spiderman?

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Whos Stronger?

Bonus Question: What other categories does Tobey beat Holland's Spiderman in?

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Tobey. Most of his strength feats (the train instance, holding up a massive warehouse wall) are things that Holland couldn't do or would struggle more with.

I'd also say that Tobey beats Holland hard in durability and endurance, but Holland's gear, intelligence and speed are all better. He's just inexperienced and doesn't know his limits.

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Tobey>Holland. Better feats always win the day.

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Consistently Tom Holland is stronger but Tobey's feat in the end of SM2 (catching that massive structure, holding it and throwing it away) possibly surpasses all Holland showings.

He's definitely better in experience even now.

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Tobey is much more durable and stronger by feats.

However Holland has much better gear and has shown better intelligence.

I hope Holland overtakes Tobey eventually however.

In terms of character and power levels.