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Poll: Who would you rather have as a weapon? Omnitrix Or Green lantern ring? (30 votes)

Green lantern ring 43%
Omnitrix 57%
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you got Hal's willpower to use a green lantern ring or master control(no time limit and switch forms at will) on an Omnitrix with all of ben's known alien transformations.

round 1.You with either weapon in Real life

round 2.You with either weapon in your favorite universe.

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The Omni-MCU Nats

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Omni because of the conditions here. Both rounds.

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GL ring easily

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Lantern ring

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The ring 11/10. I don't wanna change physiology every time I want to use an ability.

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Truthfully, the omnitrix is far too useful as a device, especially when you get down to everything that Ben has done with it to make it even more useful. only downside is that you'd be a fugly alien with the omnitrix, but you could always use one of your smart aliens to tweak it to make ultimate Ben.

With that, you'd have more powers than a green lantern and have more powerful aliens than a green lantern.

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@jashugan: create the bio-omnimatrix and proceed to create a composite alien form. Next thing you know you're practically unstoppable!

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Round 1: would not risk having a useless device because we have not confirmed the existence of aliens. So GL ring

Round 2: My favorite universe does not have aliens lol... so GL ring.

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Both are awesome, but the thought of being not only a proper superhero, but one of my favorites at that, would just be too much to pass up.

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Cool thread. I pick Omnitrix.

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@byondeon: Cool and which aliens from Omnitrix would you like to use?

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Omnitrix of course for both rounds as I could adjust it so I wouldn’t become an alien if I don’t want and I get omnipotence.

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GL ring.

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Omnitrix. I would basically have all the abilities of the ring with alien X at a much larger scale

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Gl ring

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Omnitrix for obvious reasons

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Omnitrix. I actually like the idea of being able to transform into a wide variety of alien creatures with various abilities. I also like being able to choose a powerset for each situation. Ben has a massive range of aliens between which pretty much all of the ring's abilities are covered.

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Green Lantern ring.