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For all his intelligence and wit, Tyrion Lannister's current trackrecord (in the show) as Daenerys' adivor is not very impressive

So, who would make a better job? You may choose character(s) from ASoIaF and other medieval-esque fantasy franchises.

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In the show, I imagine someone like The Queen of Thorns would make a great match for her.

Books, it’s gotta be Tyrion

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I think Ubbe Lothbrok would be a good choice. He is very level headed and reasonable.

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Major West from Joe Abercrombie's First Law books. Maybe Jezal at the end of his story arc, or even a post-Red Country Logen Ninefingers.

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Dick Cheney

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Dany - "Bronn is pointing a massive crossbow at Drogon. What do I do?!"

Felicity- "Don't worry. I've hacked it."

Dany- "Hacked what? The crossbow? How?!"

Felicity- "No. Drogon."

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No one.

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I think within the show. Probably Olena would work and mesh well with Danny. Or even Lady Mormont Would fit well except she might be too much even for Danny.

Gandalf or Arogorn from LOTR

Forgotten Realms Elminster

Dragon lance- Raistlin

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Eh, I think Tyrion's good enough in the role myself. If Dany doesn't listen to him enough, that's more her fault then it is his.

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I think Tyrion is already the best person she could have.

Everyone else is not gonna understand her world well enough to comment on it. It's too freaky.

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Olena Tyrell probably would've been the best she knows how the politics works and is pretty ruthless herself

Tyrion hasn't been the best advisor for her, feel like he doesn't want to hurt the Lannisters despite everything they've done he's always trying to avoid her actually going to battle with them

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Sir Sparhawk , a knight of Pandion Order (Elenium Trilogy by Eddings). If he could turn young Ehlana into a strong and cunning queen she became, he is certainly up to the job to deal with Deny. And the man who killed two gods won't be intimidated by the dragons.

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Galadriel comes to mind. In a lot of ways she was similar to Dany in her youth. Peerless beauty even among the elves and widely beloved, but also harboring ambition to become a queen and to rule. But as we see when Galadriel is confronted by the temptation of the One Ring she has grown in her millennia of life and made the wise choice of refusing that power even though she dearly coveted it.

She'd make for a good guide to show Dany how to wield the power she has without growing corrupt from it. In other words how to utilize her dragons without falling into the trap of becoming a tyrant. Galadriel was also one of the few who didn't immediately trust Sauron in his fair form so she would be good for teaching Dany how to spot and deal with deception.

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If we’re talking about replacing her main advisor, Tyrion, I’d say Varys would be a good one. He has plenty of experience as an advisor. He’s really smart and well connected. He’s got no equipment downstairs, so you know he’s not there for something else like others have been in the past. It seems like he really does just want what’s best for the 7 kingdoms. He also made it sound like he would’ve chastised Daenerys for burning the Tarlys alive while Tyrion was trying to justify her decision, so maybe he’d be more willing to stand up to her and question her decisions.

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@destinyman75: lol, Raistlin would be a terrible advisor for Dany. That would be the end of the Targaryens.

OT: Maester Aemon

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@six-deuce: well that depends. If you want a Quick victory of fire and Blood he's perfect. Course he'd take the throne for himself if he wanted but he's more of a loner anyway..

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Dany doesn't ever really listen to anyone, it's not Tyrion's fault.

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@six-deuce: Thinking about it Aemon Is the best choice. Even Danny would listen to him

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Tyrion has been great at everything except battle/war strategy which is to be expected IMO. She should keep him but add an adviser experienced in battle.

Maybe that’s why she’s banging her nephew?

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Darth Sidious

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Dick Cheney

That actually made me laugh out loud well done