Who would be stronger in Edo Tensei (Reanimation)? Kisame or Jiraiya?

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Kisame died right before the War Arc and wasnt revived with Edo tensei because he had enough screen time. Jiraiya wasnt revived because Kabuto could never find the body. If either of these Shinobi was reanimated, which of the two would be the more powerful one? Obviously this is a good matchup when they are alive but what about Edo Tensei?

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Kisame maybe by feats but, in verse Jiraiya would spank him.

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Damn I mean, a Kisame with unlimited Chakra would be a bad dude. He can just flood a entire continent if he was in the mood. Jiraiya would be OP too but as the top said by feats, Kisame might be more impressive.

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Kisame could spam water domes and Daikodan and eat endless chakra. He low diffs the overrated perv

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Kisame easily

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didnt kisame get ate up by his sharks and jiraya was too far down underwater no one could get him?

OT: on one hand,kisame can spam water domes and spam lakes,but if he had the emotion thing set it,he would mostly try to slice people with samahada. jiraya could spam all sorts of frog jutsus and rasegans that it would be troublesome for the shinobi forces to handle.

kisame for DC

jiraya for counters like surprise attacks.

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Probably Kisame just because a huge part of Jiraiya's combat power are his summonings and they wouldn't help him if he were a mind slave of Kabuto.

Kisame also summons things but I feel like his sharks don't care so long as they get to eat.

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Jiraiya had more hax but kisame had more feats

Still think that jaraiya slaps him