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Poll: Who would be a good leader for the resistace in Terminator? (17 votes)

Captain America (MCU) (Has his suit and Shield) 76%
Batman (DCEU) (Has his normal suit and BVS Suit) 24%
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They can also use the tech that they have.

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It makes more sense for captain america to be a leader for the resistance.

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John Connor. Specifically this one.

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Nearly just 1 minute of screen time, no dialogue and he's the best John Connor there ever was.

I mean though, if we're ignoring that No John= Doom for humanity. Then Cap would probably fit much better here than Batman.

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Cap. He's a better leader.

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Cap's definitely the better leader, but Bruce is definitely smarter and more tactically gifted. If you can only take one, I'd probably take Bruce from a pragmatic standpoint. If you have them both, make Cap the leader and Bruce more of an advisor/general.