Who would be a better Green Lantern? Superman or All Might

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Posted by BloodsunXL (998 posts) 2 months, 11 days ago

Poll: Who would be a better Green Lantern? Superman or All Might (13 votes)

Superman 77%
All Might 23%

Superman from DC comics or All Might from My Hero Academia? Basically who would be better suited to be a Green Lantern between these two? Also which one of these heroes has more willpower?

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Superman has had more instances and like 75+ years in All Might so it isn't fair

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All might is based on Superman

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Superman (he already was Green Lantern in Elseworlds).

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The only reason Superman isn't the green lantern of earth is because he's not from the sector. If Clark was, it would be move over Hal here is the true greatest Lantern.

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Clark would be more of a blue lantern rather than green. But probably superman because he still has his kryptonian powers with him

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