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Poll: Who was more impressive- JL Superman, FOX Apocalypse, Infinity War Thanos or Ragnarok Hela? (45 votes)

Superman 29%
Apocalypse 36%
Thanos 20%
Hela 16%

Pre full gauntlet Thanos btw, Whose feats were more impressive from these 4 heavyweights?

Rank them

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Apocalypse stomps all

Hela crushes Mjolnir and stomped an army. Shook a mountain with her blades.

Supes for obvious reasons


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Are we going by coolness or actual practicality? Coolness Thanos. Practicality Apocalypse.

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All are equally impressive

Apoc- TK, Counter TP, Reaction Time

JL Superman- Speed and Strength

Hela- Weapon projection, ruthlessness, durability

Thanos- Power and Skill, Intelligence, Cunning, Dedication

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Apoc had the most impressive feats.

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Apocalypse by far

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I don't know what ol' Supes is doing there.

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Supes transitioning into a speedster is pretty cool i'd say. But all around Apoc.

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Definitely Superman

Among all the four characters listed here, only Superman stands a chance of soloing the rest of the three characters. Apocalypse has no feats of surviving HV level heat or Superman's speed charged punches. He's dead before he blinks. Base Thanos is just a skilled Brick and Superman can just throw him to space or snap his neck. He has no abilities except strength and so he's the least impressive among all three. Hela is a good fodder killer but ultimately doesn't have damage output to hurt Superman or the feats to even react to a hypersonic bullrush to space or survive a neck snap.

Superman post JL is a Flash tier speedster. He's a legit teambuster with the widest range of abilities among all the four characters here. Aquaman who can lift Submarines, Diana who is stronger than Aquaman and Cyborg together couldn't even move Superman an inch. Now I don't wanna go into the calcs of the submarine feat but its at least a 10k ton feat. Superman can carry 10k ton buildings and fly it away like it's made of paper. He treated Steppenwolf like an insignificant creature. Steppenwolf stomped Arthur underwater and Arthur can lift Submarines. Superman also has freeze breathe now with which he can just make weapons brittle and shatter them. So I don't think characters like DCEU Diana who has the ability to fight and harm Doomsday level creatures, can harm Superman at all now.

I'd rank Apocalypse above Superman honestly because turning a goddamn city into dust in under 30 seconds and controlling people all over the world with Xavier's TP without the aid of Cerebro is very impressive but dude is a big time jobber. He conviniently forgot to use his greatest ability of matter manipulation against the rookie Xmen. Plus he got his neck slit by Mystique and required an energy shield to protect himself from attacks as puny as rookie Cyclops's optic blasts and scrap metal travelling at subsonic speed. His physical durability is probably not that great. That's why I'd rank him lower than Superman overall.

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1. Apocalypse

2. Superman

3. Hela

4. Thanos

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I just thought Helas infinite blade generation was pretty cool and of course crushing the hammer

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Hela with huge margin.

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@mister_surreal: nice, thanks for the bump

Who is the most impressive in your opinion?

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Definitely Superman. He showed practically 0 vulnerabilities and dominated everyone he fought and did everything effortlessly. He was treated like a god among mortals.

Apocalypse, while powerful, struggled with several characters. He was getting ragdolled by Quicksilver, was on defensive against Magneto and others, and was squished by phoenix.

Hela was dominant throughout the entire movie, but in the end after his lightning power, Thor was able to put a great effort against her, and even hurt her with his best shots, even if it didn't amount to much, and she was stomped by Surtur.

Thanos, despite all his power and all his strength, showed mental vulnerability, and even physical vulnerability at two different points - once against Guardians and Strange/Stark/spidey who came close to taking his glove off, and later against Thor with Stormbreaker.

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Apoc by far

I didn't like the movie, but his ability to empower others was off the charts

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I didn't watch apocalypse.

Thanos was the most impressive. He's referred to as the strongest being in the universe without a single stone and also when he had the Power and Space Stones, he busted the surface of a moon and threw it at Iron Man, utterly stomped the Hulk and Iron Man, fought with Strange, overpowered Scarlet Witch, and showed off a plethora of abilities. From a portrayal standpoint, Hela is capable of crushing Mjolnior, which is more impressive than anything Clark did. Not saying Hela beats him, though.

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Apoc > Hela > Supes > Thanos

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@deltahuman: um...you do realize that foxsilver is leagues faster than JL Supes & Flash, right? And apocalypse, solo'd him. Lmao.

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Loved helas look and blades and crushing mjolnr and defeating einhejar

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um...you do realize that foxsilver is leagues faster than JL Supes & Flash, right?

Reactions? Sure. Travel/Bullrush speed? I don't think so. Superman bullrushed Zod from Metropolis to the Wayne Satellite at Geostationary orbit in under 5 seconds. That would put him above 5 digit Mach speeds, Mach 35k to be precise. Going by high end feats, Superman is faster.

And apocalypse, solo'd him. Lmao.

Apoc soloed Quicksilver because he has human durability. And he needed significant amount of time to adapt to and react to Quicksilver. And he didn't tag Quicksilver while he was running. Apoc trapped his leg in his sand/earth constructs. He can't do that to Superman. Superman wouldn't be trapped by anything, wouldn't even feel Apoc's kick and can demolish him in a few punches. Apocalypse is a non factor to Superman

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Apocalypse and Hela didn't need trinkets to perform their feats

So Thanos would be last for me

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Apoc was a beast