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Poll: Who is the smartest Robin? (Read OP) (16 votes)

Dick Grayson 6%
Jason Todd 0%
Tim Drake 81%
Damian Wayne 13%

Only include their feats from when they were Robin. No Nightwing, Red Hood or Red Robin feats.

I think it's Tim but I might be wrong.

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Pretty sure it's Tim too but I don't got any feats

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Tim Drake, it's the only thing he has going for him compared to the other Robin's even though none of them are slouches in the intelligence department.

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@ecstaticgrace: Tim figured out that Batman and Robin's identities when he was only a kid, he also figured out Huntress's identity, worked well with technology to solve one of the Joker's computer crimes that gained him control of Gotham and learned a complicated process of a counterfeiting crime committed by a Russian mob in the stories I've read.

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From what I understand, Dick is the detective. Tim is the scientist and engineer and Jason is Jack of all trades.

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Wasn't it stated a few times that Tim is the smartest? Could be wrong but I kind of remember some statements like this.

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Pretty sure it's Tim.

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I believe it's Tim Drake for sure, at least in terms of potential.

Not sure if he's definitely the smartest now, but with the same amount of experience he'll be above Nightwing and even Batman.

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I say Damian. Why hasn’t anyone else even mentioned him. He outsmarted Lex Luthor when he was 13.

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@mister_surreal: Damian comes off as maybe the most cunning Robin. But in terms of book smarts/applied science Tim seems to be the ace.

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@ecstaticgrace: Maybe, but he himself is also extremely tech savvy and posses skill beyond most other Robins despite being the youngest. Tim may be the smartest but I would say Damian has the most raw intelligence.

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Yeah definitely Tim.

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