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And were there other "captains" like Captain Italy, Captain France etc?

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besides Cap USA I only know of captain Britain

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I dont think so Captain America was a super soldier and i have never heard of any other captains other than America and Britain its not like a title you give out for being a good soldier    

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There's Red Star. I don't know a lot about him but I think he's basically DC's Captain Russia or their poster boy.

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Stalnoivolk  (DC)
Crimson Dynamo (Marvel)
Red Guardian (Marvel)
Void (wildstorms commie wonderwoman)


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Omega Red was part of the Russian super soldier program wasn't he?
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Red Guardian Maybe?
Red Guardian Maybe?
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Red Guardian 

Russian Cap
Russian Cap
Captain Midlands
 British Super-Soldier
 British Super-Soldier
Major Victory
Space captain America
Space captain America
American Dream
MC2 Captain America
MC2 Captain America
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Omega Red: Russian version of Captain America
Omega Red: Russian version of Captain America
Although he is a villain, Omega Red's concept is very similar to Captain America's.  He is the original Russian super soldier.
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Captain Canada
Capitan Italia 


Captain Mexica 


Captain Newfoundland 

Captain Assyria     


Captain UK
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No Caption Provided
You forgot Captain Germany
Omega Red is Caps Russian equivalent