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Which 3 Marvel villains would you consider the main households? I know obvious answers will be such as Doom and Magneto but in your personal opinion as well, who you think it is?

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Galactus, doom, magneto. Thanos is the most we’ll know now though because of the movies.

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Dr Doom, Thanos And Magneto.

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Dr. Doom


Green Goblin

As good as Galactus and Thanos are, they still have ways to go before being the top dogs.

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Dr Doom, Thanos And Magneto.

Pretty much this

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I think it could be




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Thanos to the the last 20 years pushing him as one of Marvel's Definitive Villains.

Dr. doom due to practically being the lead in multiple crossover events as the villain.

Magneto was the villain of probably the most successful run of X men and in comics in general.

Characters like Green Goblin come close