Who is the better character, Dr. Doom or Superman?

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Who is the better character between the two?

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Well Doom is my favorite Marvel villain so he takes it for me. He is just as complex as the Man Of Steel. Superman is great in his way too. I just cant stand the DCEU version. Most wanked version of Superman up to date.

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Doom. Anybody can be better than the Queer.

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I don't like Doom and never have. I find him to be incredibly two dimensional (no pun intended). He's like a goofy caricature that I just can't take seriously.

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Superman when he's written well. Doom's generally given a more interesting personality though.

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Superman’s a GOAT

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Superman. I've never been the biggest fan of Doom. He always seemed bit to broken to me. The way he'll just pull out random magic tricks, time machines, etc... And then still somehow lose to so dumb shit.

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Doom. Supes is a pretty boring character.

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The guy who didn’t get permanently scarred from placing a hot metal mask on his face. You are always the worst character when you get injured doing something a 5 year old would not do.

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Doom IMO.

Like both though.

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Doom is complex to me

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Close but Victor

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close one but doom, i like both of them though.

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Equal...love both.

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Superman. I've always been more of a fan of the idea of Doom than the actual character

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Doom is one of the Goat villains of all time right up there with Vader. To me he is far more interesting than Superman.

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Doom would be way cooler as a good guy than bad guy.

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Doom is a cool villain. But Superman, something about him is so appealing. He will always save the day and if he fails he'll try again. He gives a shit about everyone. Being so simple makes him pretty complex, funny enough.

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Doom. Superman is just a bit boring at times.

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Doom is simply more interesting

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I mean Doom is the cooler character of the two imo, but don’t think that necessarily makes him better than Superman. Depends on how they are being written