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Poll: Who is more tragic?? FOX Wolverine or MCU Thor (39 votes)

Wolverine 64%
Thor 36%

Who do you think suffered more in movies??

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Wolverine sees his powers as a curse. By the time Logan comes, he just wants to end it. He's lost more in 100 years than Thor has in 1500 years.

However, I do like the fact Thor stays headstrong and uses humour to alleviate some of his pain.

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Thor by far

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Wolverine, no contest, how is Thor "winning" this? Thor still has things to look forward to, even after IW. He still has half his people (according to himself Thanos killed "only" half the Asgardians), he is still young (according to Loki Asgardians can live about 5,000 years, Thor is only 1,500) and powerful (especially with his new weapon) and he also still has a lot of friends: the Avengers that are still alive, Valkyrie and Korg could also still be alive, unless they were killed off-screen, maybe they escaped with half of the Asgardians, and there are also people on earth who look up to and admire him.

What does Wolverine have? Everyone he knew and loved is dead, he spend the later years of his life sick and with an alcohol problem, he is still being hunted by people more powerful than himself and finally a few days after finding out that he has a "daughter" he is killed and she's now on her own (with a few other kids but noone to look after them). ...yay...

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Logan easily for me. Thor's mood seems all over the place.

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Thor has friends who aren’t dead...

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Logan currently has nothing, but Thor still has friends.

In their normal predicaments Logan has the X-Men and Thor has not just The Avengers, but Asgard.

It's closer than most think, Thor has lost so much too.

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@g2_: Reasons please

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Both lost so much

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Wolverine by far. His whole life was one tragic moment after another. He was only truly happy in the moments he was dying.

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Loading Video...

Watch this scene and tell me who is more tragic.

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Maybe Logan but it's close. Both have lost nearly everyone that was close to them. But Thor still has some of the Avengers as freinds.

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defo Logan

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Wolverine.. by far

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@loyngulpany: Lost everyone in his life aside from the Avengers. He also lost his eye.

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Thor, because his suffering is treated as a joke while Logan's is given the proper weight.

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Logan's life is basically a living nightmare ended with many more terrible events to his life ones

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Logan's depressed and tired of living, all his friends dead and he was suicidal while Thor's a 1500 year old god. The answer is obvious